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Meet Justin Tabb, The Founder of Substratum

We had a chance to chat with Justin and get his take, here are the questions we asked:

Breaking our dependence on Bitcoin: How will crypto/fiat gateways bring a breath of fresh air to crypto?

In the amplify exchange press release, it says that your team is "looking to provide fiat/crypto gateways for the top 100 cryptocurrencies at launch." What exactly is a crypto/fiat gateway and why do you think this is so important for the crypto community?

Why has neither Binance nor Coinbase accomplished this yet? What roadblocks do you foresee when building this?

Many people believe that the lack of crypto/fiat gateways is the reason that much of the market follows Bitcoin wherever it goes. Do you think this is true?

I also see in the press release that you call the Amplify Exchange a "new type of cryptocurrency exchange? What does this mean?

I see your other project, Substratum, has recently just broken through a Chinese firewall. Your second project, Cryptopay, let's users buy and sell goods using any form of crypto they like. Now, Amplify will be a "new type of cryptocurrency exchange." What is the philosophy behind these three products? Why did you choose to work on them?