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Meet the man who plans to interview every professional on earth

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Careerlist is the first-ever digital marketplace that puts the candidate in control of their job search. Their mission is to empower great people to discover and connect with inspiring leaders and companies they want to work for first, instead of waiting for jobs to be identified and posted.

They are giving job seekers more direct, transparent and faster access to opportunities than they've ever had before, with tools and support to create more meaningful personal profiles so they can stand out from the crowd.

For companies, they offer a more cost-effective, scalable and efficient experience to find best-in- class candidates. Careerlist's radical transparency provides deeper insights into talent's skills and abilities, transforming how companies build great teams.

Careerlist launched last week and is currently in Beta and focusing on sales, marketing and media opportunities in the Greater New York area.

Michael, you launched Careerlist to the public last week. HR tech has been a hotbed of investment with billions invested in past years. Why did you launch the company in such a crowded market?

The answer is really simple. The Billions invested has provided nearly ZERO value to the job seeker. If anything, finding a job today and standing out is harder than ever. All of the money has built nothing but machines, numerous job boards and barriers between people and their dream opportunities.

We are building a new solution makes it easier for talent to grow their career and truly understand what it would be like to work for a new leader and team. Careerlist is the first-ever digital marketplace that puts the candidate in control of their job search. Talent gets to choose the companies they want to join and choose the leaders they want to work for. The team at Careerlist has the capability to help market their candidacy to their dream companies, leaders and teams.

How does Careerlist work for talent? Why should someone sign up?

Think of Careerlist as your control panel for your job search. Once you sign up, we assign you a talent agent to assist you in your search. Your talent agent will do all the coordinating work with the hiring manager at the company you want to work for and will keep you updated throughout the process. Our team's goal is to reinvent the job-search process by helping people showcase their story in a way that a resume never could, unearth new leaders and companies someone might like to work for and make the connections which fuel real opportunities.

The job search has lacked humanity for a long time; we believe in keeping humans in the process of building a career. We are fighting for transparency, access, and respect for the job

seeker, giving them the tools to move forward in a new way over the old fashioned job boards and interview methodologies.

Today, in Beta, we can help talent looking to grow their careers in sales, marketing and media. We are growing fast and have many inspiring leaders who are looking to build their team. The solution is totally free for talent and currently free in beta for leaders and companies.

You just went live, How did you attract major brands including Vayner Media, AB InBev, Buzzfeed and LiveNation among so many others to join you in this new journey?

This is my third company. The most important thing I have learned is that companies and great leaders are eager to join big missions that make life better for others while improving their business results. Careerlist lets companies and leaders know who wants to work for them, gives them more accurate, relevant information about candidates and dramatically cuts down on hiring costs. This creates a win-win environment that can scale quickly.

How big is the aspiration? What do you expect Careerlist will grow into?

Success in my eyes is talent being in control worldwide, crushing the job boards and ending the bureaucratic processes that plague people around the world. I think the effect of the company will be wide reaching and transformative. As we bring cities and industries online, I'm confident that top talent will join our mission and shift their search to a real-time marketplace where they hold the keys to the application process.

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