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All Mine! Check out the latest souped-up version of Hasbro's Acquire board game.

By Victoria Neal

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

Does your brain start to ache when it comes to pondering theacquisitions and mergers that surreptitiously engulf our economy?Have you found yourself in a state of self-loathing each time yourecall the millions missed when you ignored that key investment?Well, now you can get in some money practice via Hasbro'sAcquire. The classic game has been revived and altered into agridded plastic board piled high with buildings and skyscrapers in3-D. Armed with seed companies, stock certificates and a generouskitty, players create companies, place strategic investments andsimply try to accumulate the most wealth. Just like real life, theone with the most moolah wins. For the scoop, visit Street price:$39.99.

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