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Nasdaq Admires Opiria's Goal - Giving People Back Control Over Their Data

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Opiria is making strides to further their plans of expansion, which includes bringing a new level of awareness to how our personal data is used. Their latest activity that advanced their innovative brand was a recent Nasdaq interview, where they participated as a special guest.

The National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations (Nasdaq) is an American-based exchange market, second only to the New York Stock Exchange. Nasdaq began their activity back in 1971, being the first electronic market.

On June 7th, Opiria's CEO Dr. Christian Lange participated in a very interesting interview regarding their company's vision and future procedures. The interviewer was public figure Jane King, CEO of LilaMax Media, the number one broadcaster for Nasdaq MarketSite.

The interview provided many insightful facts about Opiria and their goal, with Dr. Christian Lange covering many aspects of how personal information is being handled nowadays and what consumers can do to protect their valuable data. The truth is that big companies such as Facebook, Google, and many others are monetizing our data without asking for permission or waiting for approval before they sell it themselves to other companies.

Besides Dr. Lange and Jane King, Mister Douglas Anderson attended the interview as well, where he spoke highly of Opiria and their noble objective of helping people realize the true value of their personal data. In his own words: "Opiria is a shining example of a crypto offering stretching out to a new marketplace, with a great management team that has the fundamentals and serious clients." Mister Anderson's take on the ambitious company weighs heavily due to his credibility and know-how gained from more than 20 years in management positions, as well as hard-won personal company management skills.

One thing that caught Jane's attention is Opiria's slogan which states that "personal data is the oil of the 21st century". There is truth to it and adds a poetic touch to a noble goal. Opiria's integrity is reflected in their client base, which includes Fortune 500 companies such as Mercedes, Nissan, Audi, and BMW, who have all used their platform.

Dr. Christian Lange continues to explain that due to the increasingly high number of business-minded entrepreneurs and brokers that chose to swipe data, Opiria offers an alternative to clients by providing in-depth and quality information about their targeted customers. The brilliance is outlined by people's unexpected acceptance of selling their personal data in exchange for PDATA tokens.

In addition to having been a fully-functioning company since 2015, Opiria's CEO never fails to deliver astute explanations on relevant topics. Recently the number of people who care about their personal data privacy has grown significantly due to Facebook and Google's misuse of the personal information, that has led to diminished trust between large companies and their consumer-base. This has brought forth innumerable scenarios in which consumers offer inadequate or false data regarding themselves in fear of said data being used with malicious intent.

Consumers - you and I - have dire need of a trustworthy system that protects our data and allows us to sell it to the entity of our own choosing. Opiria seems to understand that freedom of choice is something that humankind values greatly, and they are willing and able to give us back the control over our own personal data, which has been stolen from us as of late.

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