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New Start Up Makes It Easy to Travel Hands-Free

There's no doubt about it: the internet has revolutionized travel.

The way we book trips today is completely unrecognizable from the process we went through only a couple of decades ago. In the 1990s, travelers had to physically queue up at a travel agent to book their tickets. There was no TripAdvisor to warn you away from terrible restaurants and you had to use travelers checks and know how to read a paper map.

Crazy, right?

These days a simple, streamlined travel experience is right at our fingertips. From researching your destination to booking your trip to finding great local things to do, the internet makes every step so much smoother.

There's only one thing missing - why do we still carry our luggage ourselves?

The modern traveler is accustomed to using online check-in, or hailing an Uber from the airport on their smartphone. But, they probably still lug their heavy baggage from point A to point B themselves.

East Coast startup BringIt is hoping to change that. They offer a VIP personal luggage delivery service - at a price point that is friendly to the budget traveler.

BringIt's founder Israel Arellano believes it's about time technology offered travelers a solution that would allow them to avoid carrying their own luggage.

"104 years of evolution in the travel industry and we still have to carry our bags. Is it just me, or does that seem old fashioned?" he says.

How BringIt is the "Uber of Luggage"

BringIt uses many of the same concepts that Uber employed to create their world-wide taxi alternative phenomenon. In this case, it's luggage that's being transported rather than passengers.

With the tap of a button on the BringIt app, users can send up to two pieces of baggage within a limited radius to and from the airport - for a flat fee of $25. The luggage will arrive on the same day and will be delivered within 4 hours. Essentially, that means travelers can enjoy the convenience of luggage delivery for the price of a taxi.

BringIt has preempted any security concerns by creating a robust tracking system that allows users to keep tabs on exactly where their luggage is. Also, bags are locked with tamper-proof seals, so that they remain untouched along the way.

It's easy to see the appeal. Imagine strolling right past the long, tedious lines at baggage check, walking unencumbered through the airport and bypassing the luggage carousel on arrival. (Not to mention avoiding the back and shoulder strain of hefting your bag through the airport.)

The likely first adaptors of this service will be families, as they are the ones who struggle the most with carrying excessive amounts of luggage through the airport - with children in tow at the same time. The service will also appeal to those who frequently travel for business, as the convenience and time saved will make a huge difference in the quality of their experience.

However, the service would also be highly valuable for solo travelers, couples on romantic trips and other types of travelers. After all, it's relatively affordable and is easy enough for anyone to use.

With so many innovations transforming other aspects of travel, it's exciting to see a new development like this one in the luggage delivery space. Maybe in a few years, carrying your own bags will seem as ridiculous as using traveler's checks or booking at a brick and mortar travel agent's office?