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PIRTEK is a Leader Among Recession-Resistant Franchises


During the Great Lockdown of 2020, PIRTEK continued operating in full throttle. The global hydraulic and industrial hose service provider played a critical role in keeping essential businesses running throughout the COVID-19 crisis. Like other recession- resistant companies, it managed to weather the latest downturn with a stable revenue stream, making it an outlier in franchise performance last year.

"That wasn't to say it wasn't a tough year," says Kim Gubera, President and CEO of PIRTEK USA. "But most of our customers are essential services—construction, waste management—so if they're working, we're working."

And the company is predicting an even brighter future. According to the US Bureau of Labor and Statistics, employment in the machinery maintenance sector is expected to outpace the average rate for all occupations by 13 percent from 2019 to 2029. The U.S. machinery maintenance and heavy equipment repair industry is currently valued at a whopping $39 billion after years of steady growth.

The key to PIRTEK's endurance is the demand for its service across nearly every sector. Hydraulic and industrial hoses are the Achilles heel of our global infrastructure. From manufacturing to construction, distribution, transportation, agriculture, and many industrial small businesses, hoses are the motive force behind countless systems. A failed hose can force operations to a dead stop and lost revenue.

PIRTEK's mobile service vehicles provide communities 24/7 service and a 1-hour ETA for on-site hose service. This unique service allows customers to stay at their job sites and facilities, a key differentiator which proved particularly valuable during the pandemic.

"If equipment doesn't work on a construction site, that can lead to hundreds of thousands of dollars in losses—but because we can get to the site quick and make the repair, it saves them the time of removing the hose and going to a repair shop," says Gubera, who noted PIRTEK USA even added franchises during the recent downturn.

The company offers two different conceptual tiers to its franchisees. The first tier is built around a brick-and-mortar service location and the second provides mobile services only. The investment is structured so a franchisee can build revenue and a customer base by investing in Tier 2 with the goal of scaling to Tier 1 within the first three years.

PIRTEK is part of a $10 billion hydraulic hose and fittings industry and is expected to grow by $506 million during 2020-2024. The hydraulic and industrial hose service company was started in Australia in 1980 and found its way to the U.S. in 1996. It currently operates in 23 countries with more than 500 units across the globe. The company's extensive growth and success has led PIRTEK to seek out more international markets.

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