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Rags To Riches Chad Scales turned his idea for a frozen confection into $7 million.

By Bob Weinstein

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You have to have a few screws loose to think you can competeagainst the multibillion-dollar food giants. What's more, ittakes chutzpah to do it with little money.

But to the dismay of major food companies and naysayers alike,32-year-old Chad Scales did it--all by himself. He jumped smackinto the healthy eating craze by launching Boston Brands Inc., aBoston-based company that makes RealFruit, a dairy-, fat- andcholesterol-free frozen dessert.

By 1986, when Scales enrolled in the marketing M.B.A. program atMichigan State University in Lansing, he knew he wanted to start afood company. It didn't matter that he had no idea what kind orhow to do it. He wasn't thinking about those minor details. Allhe knew was he needed to get some experience and learn the foodbusiness. What better way to do so than to work for a big foodcompany?

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