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Finders Keepers Ever lose a computer file? You'll appreciate these tips for keeping things in order.

By Cheryl J. Goldberg

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

How many times have you spent hours writing a proposal--or beenup all night putting together a sales presentation--only todiscover the next day that the file is nowhere to be found? Youaccidentally saved it to the wrong subdirectory on your hard disk .. . and now you have no idea where it is.

What about when you're working with documents on a network,and you need to quickly locate a crucial document to complete asale? Or you have a mass of documents on your hard drive, and youneed to find all the ones that contain information on a particularcompany?

In each case, you'll save considerable time by developing astrategy for finding your files before you actually need them. Youmay already have all the tools you need right in your operatingsystem or in your application software. Or, if you often need toquickly search information by key words from a wide range ofdocuments, you might want to consider more specializedsoftware.

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