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Snow Business These entrepreneurs said to heck with scraping ice from their windshields in winter, and came up with a solution to the chore.

By Bethan-Rose Rodriguez

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

What: No2Snow Eliminator, a neoprene cover thateliminates ice and snow buildup on car windshields
Who: Dave and Melissa Brown, co-founders of Sno-WayTechnologies LLC
Where: Indianapolis
When: Started in November 2004

Like many Americans, Dave and Melissa Brown have a two-cargarage that houses everything but their two cars. Because they parkoutside during the winter, scraping ice and snow off theirwindshields every morning became a burdensome chore. After fieldingnumerous complaints from his wife and empathizing with her, Dave,37, set out to find a product to eliminate the task altogether.

The selection was slim, and the few products out there werecumbersome and ineffective, so he began experimenting withdifferent materials to design a solution. "I was motivated tomake my mornings easier," says Dave.

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