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Food for Thought Creativity is an acquired taste, so start your company off with small bites.

By Juanita Weaver

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

You decided to build a creatively agile company based on a firmbelief that creativity will help you and your company thrive...oryou're a skeptic who, nonetheless, is willing to give it a try.In either case, experience is the best teacher. Begin byexperimenting.

Learning how to be more creative is like learning any skill: Yougain expertise over time. Starting small can help deal withskepticism among the staff and your own uncertainty. Begin bytrying some techniques by yourself or with a few colleagues. Bypracticing creative techniques and attitudes, you'll gain theconfidence and skill to build a company that includes everyone inits creative practice. Remember the goal is always to find a way totap the creativity of everyone in your company.

I've used the following exercise many times because it'ssimple yet evocative. Making a collage from magazine images is agreat prompt for new ideas. It's nonthreatening becauseeveryone can tear pictures out of magazines and arrange them-andit's fun because you get to make a mess.

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