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You don't have to be a purple dinosaur to realize that kidsare keen on entertainment programs. Anyone familiar with the lawsof the TV jungle, however, knows phenomena of Barneyesqueproportions are a rare breed.

But this isn't scaring off the powers behind "JellyBean Jungle" (JBJ). First telecast last September, theshow-which combines live-action performers with puppets andcostumed characters-is generating some big-time buzz. It'senough to make you wonder if Jessica the Giraffe, Gus the Gorilla,Al the Alligator and King Rufus the Lion will one day be asfamiliar to the tot brigade as, well, you-know-who.

"We certainly hope [the show] will be the nextBarney," enthuses Laura King, vice president of SunshineKidVid Entertainment, the Hollywood, Florida, company producing"JBJ." "We think it has the potential."

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