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Who are these masked men? Although you might be hard pressed toidentify all the members of the 1970s rock group KISS by name,we'd be willing to bet that their heavily made-up featuresstrike a chord of recognition--or is it fear?--within you. If not,prepare for a refresher course: Hot on the heels of its triumphantreunion tour, KISS is blazing a trail into retail stores in theform of action figures.

Produced by McFarlane Toys in Plymouth, Michigan, the6-and-a-half-inch-tall figures of Peter Criss, Ace Frehley, GeneSimmons and Paul Stanley don't even remotely resemble actionfigure stalwarts such as G.I. Joe. Instead, these extravagantlydetailed likenesses come complete with missile-firing guitars andspear-launching drums. Would you expect anything less from thegroup that wanted to "rock and roll all night and party everyday"?

We thought not. At any rate, KISS' re-emergence speaksvolumes about the continuing appeal of 1970s showmanship. Just goeasy on the pyrotechnics, fellas.

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