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Little by Little Ultra-small caps by the handful

By Dian Vujovich

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

Small-cap funds have held their own in this year of marketturmoil. But even among the small stuff, you've got to knowwhere to look for a sound investment.

Take the Bridgeway Ultra-Small Company Tax Advantage Fund(BRSIX). This mouthful of a fund is a passively managed index fundthat invests in the tiniest of companies-the ultra-small caps. Andit's a quant fund: There are no visits to companies for JohnMontgomery, the fund's manager. No, choosing which companiesbest replicate his chosen index is all a matter of working withcomputers and numbers.

The Center for Research and Security Prices Cap Based Portfolio10 Index (CRSP), another mouthful, is the index Montgomery'sfund is designed to mimic. It's run by academics out of theUniversity of Chicago.

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