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New Wave Water stores that cater to budget-minded, health-conscious families are making a splash.

By Gayle Sato Stodder

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

Fredrick Bozin's product has no taste. And that's justfine: Tastelessness is, to him, the very point--although hisproduct is also pure, economical, and usable in every household inhis selling area.

What's Bozin selling? Try water. That's right; theinventory at his Watermarket store in Fallbrook, California,consists of gallons of clear, clean, inexpensive water. While otherentrepreneurs try their hands at new, cutting-edge products, Bozinand a groundswell of water retailers like him are selling a productas old as the hills.

Devoting an entire store to water isn't as strange as itsounds. Water is a hot commodity. Why? People aren't entirelysatisfied with the water that comes from their taps. Sure, it'ssupposed to be safe. But in some cities it's brown. Or itsmells. Or it has particles in it. And who knows what secret leador silent carcinogen lurks undetected in your glass?

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