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Staying Power Savvy ideas to boost sales

By Lynn Beresford

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

Anyone who can still sing the "I wish I were an Oscar MeyerWeiner" song knows ad campaigns can stick with you for a longtime. In fact, according to a recent study conducted at Ohio StateUniversity in Columbus, advertising typically affects purchases forsix to nine months--catchy, effective advertising, that is.

Determining your advertising's longevity can help you planbetter timing and placement for your ads, says Robert Leone, thestudy's author. For instance, if you determine that your printads are remembered for four months, you probably don't need torun them in a weekly publication; instead, space them fartherapart.

Television, radio, magazines, newspapers . . . is one mediumbetter than another for helping customers remember your product?According to Leone, how well and how long people remember your adshas more to do with the ad's cleverness. Also, remember thatpromotional ads--such as coupons and special discounts--usuallyenjoy less longevity since they're intended to get consumers toact immediately.

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