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Tooning In


This story appears in the November 1997 issue of Entrepreneur. Subscribe »

They may look cute and innocent, but the characters on the newComedy Central animated series "South Park" are not to bemistaken for your standard, wholesome cartoon kids. Indeed, theshow, which debuted in August, has drawn comparisons to thedecidedly unwholesome "Beavis and Butt-head"series. Simply put, this is animated fare of the most offbeatvariety.

Which may explain why "South Park" is generating suchbuzz--even among a crowded TV lineup. In an irreverent tone, theshow follows third-graders Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny throughmisadventures as bizarre as being abducted by aliens to huntingwith hand-grenade-toting relatives. And there's even an episodein which the boys try to genetically engineer an elephantthat's the size of a pot-bellied pig.

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