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Painting The Town Dineh Mohajer and her partners found unexpected success right at their polished fingertips.

By Gayle Sato Stodder

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

In the day Dineh Mohajer painted her toenails baby blue and wentout shoe shopping, starting a business was the last thing on hermind. Mohajer, then 22 years old, was just your basic University ofSouthern California premed student escaping to Beverly Hills for amindless summer afternoon of retail therapy with her sisterPooneh.

She wasn't looking for new challenges. Au contraire,says Mohajer, "I had decided that summer [in 1995] to bloweverything off and do a very unpremed-like thing and just relaxbefore I had to go off to medical school and never have anotherchance to be a kid."

She envisioned a summer of partying and kicking back with herboyfriend. What she got was something else. On the day Mohajer wentshopping--sporting a shade of baby-blue nail polish she had mixedherself--she was accosted by dozens of passersby who simply had toknow where she got that polish. A saleswoman at Charles Davidpractically begged Mohajer to reveal her source: The baby blueperfectly complemented Charles David's spring line ofshoes.

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