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Software Savings Thinking of buying? Think again!

By Bronwyn Fryer

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

Every time you turn around, it seems the software that costs youa fortune is being outmoded by some new whiz-bang version or acompetitive package that seems much better. Finally, there's analternative to this nightmare: a software rental service fromInterliant Inc., a Houston company that offers a service calledAppsOnline (

Instead of paying $40 a pop for a software package, you can rentit for $10. The software runs on Interliant's server, and usersplug into it via their modems.

If you're collaborating with people in other locations,renting makes a lot more sense than asking everyone to buy andinstall individual software packages on their PCs. The idea works,too, if you need software you won't be using often-say,programs that helps you design a Web site, manage Y2K risk or doyour taxes. It's also a great try-before-you-buy idea. Go forit.

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