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The Human Connection Goes Viral - How One Influencer Marketer Creates an Echo Effect

Courtesy of Abtin Masseratagah

Touching the hearts of the public and making a fortune at the same time? Such an outcome would be a dream come true for any company looking to spread their word or build a strong brand. Common marketing techniques often overlook the reason why most consumers choose to buy a certain product - the why. Why does the product matter to me? Why does it fit into my life? Why should I buy this one over that one? But when you combine the human connection within an advertisement, this is when the game changes.

Abtin Masseratagah, Influencer Marketing Guru and CEO of Northrn, has successfully harnessed the power of human connection and now easily organizes 30 million impressions a day for his clients. He has proven that when you truly focus on your customers as the people they are instead of the dollar sign behind them, success naturally follows.

Abtin isn't the typical influencer marketer who promotes "other people's stuff" to his audience. Instead, he helps companies create a marketing campaign that builds naturally on its own through human connection. He has grown companies from zero followers to 1,000,000 active and engaged followers within a year. Today he gives a couple tips to other influencer marketers and CMOs looking to grow their businesses.

1. Understand your Customer

Abtin is on a mission to connect brands to their audience in a way that makes consumers line up at the door - through understanding their customers.

He believes that a company should know its ideal client as well as they know their own mother. And when they understand their consumer on that deep of a level, they can speak to their pain and they can speak to their pleasure because they know them inside and out.

A business isn't about the money. It isn't about the CEO or end of the year profits. It is all about the customer. So, what does that mean? It means that a company, and therefore its marketing, should center around the end consumer. And in order to do that, the customer must be understood. What drives her, what scares her, what does she want most, what are her deepest frustrations and how does she think?

An ideal client should become so real through a brand that everything (website, advertisements etc) speaks directly to that specific person - the customer avatar.

When one creates a specific customer avatar, now there is a human connection that has moved far beyond your typical "see it and forget it" ad.

"The human connection is defined as the condition that brings value to our lives: relationships give us a sense of belonging in the group, a sense of identity in contrast to others in that group, an almost therapeutic-support system, and reason not to feel lonely, which when done correctly can be created within a brand!" explains Abtin.

2. Use the Human Connection to Gain Free Advertising

Can creating a human connection result in free advertising? The "Echo Effect" is a theory that Abtin has coined and strives for, which makes him unique from other influencer marketers. He can create a marketing campaign that reaches a level where clients are getting free word-of-mouth advertising because consumers are touched by his campaigns.

"When I'm working for my clients, I look for how we can build a deeper connection that an individual will carry with them, bring up in a regular conversation. Once we've reached this level of marketing in what I like to call the "Echo Effect" is when your campaign has gone truly viral."

Abtin explains the Echo Effect by looking at Super Bowl ads for example. People don't tune into commercials during the superbowl just once. They are searching for them online, forwarding to friends and posting to social media. Another example would include the flappy bird game. Many people didn't see advertisements for the game, They had gone to class or out with friends and were told about it and witness players playing it. The ads go viral for free.

Abtin's advice to other influencers is to "Aim to connect with the Human Connection and you'll create a brand that will not only grow fast, but will also have an insanely strong foundation with its customers." Abtin's results speak for themself. He has clients that has been with him for years, as well as a wait list for his marketing genius, and it is because his goals include more than simply a number of impressions.

3. Be 100% Transparent

Integrity. Transparency. Trust. Your customers will keep coming back if they trust you as their influencer marketer.

When you start work with a new client, understand their end goal and build a road map with clear steps taking them from where they are to where they want to go. Include your pricing with absolute transparency. A customer should never be surprised when they receive a bill. Many agencies tend to skip out on how their money will be spent. But it is critical to be 100% transparent with your clients. Abtin builds trust that keep clients coming back month after month and year after year with this method. Your clients should know where their money is going at all times and understand their results as it applies to their end goal.

"I've had countless clients prior to reaching out to us, tell us horror stories where they spent thousands of dollars from their marketing budgets only to receive zero results and be told that over 50% of it was spent on a single post that I could have established for a fraction of the price. I've been in this industry for over 10 years and have built many long lasting friendships, that allow me to receive better rates from most influencers across all niches and social platforms from instagram, twitter, snapchat and facebook!"

Abtin backs up his claim with his success. His customers have a huge trust in him and his returning customers and wait list validate his investment in building human connection and trust.

In Conclusion

People want to feel understood. They want to feel connected. So naturally, marketers of all kinds should take advantage of how important the human connection is to being successful. But more importantly, you should believe in the value you add for your customers. You should care about their results. You should care about them.

When it comes to influencer marketing, Abtin has built strategies and case studies from the last decade of his work to use as well as the heart to ensure content goes viral. And it takes both. Use his advice to your advantage and watch your results soar.