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The Separation That Comes With a Healthy Routine is Day and Night: Lessons From an Entrepreneur, Nightlife Mogul, and Health Guru

Courtesy of Eli Wehbe

The nightlife scene in Los Angeles is sparkling with talented starlets, creatives, and a continuous spark of energy which permeates the city lights. With hotspots popping up and reenergizing the skylines every night, how does one spot stay true to themselves? Behind Warwick, Hollywood's trendy go-to spot is entrepreneur and operating partner Eli Wehbe. He is a serial entrepreneur, nightlife guru, motivational expert, life coach, and a true health nut. At first glance, he may seem like the emblem of a cool, hip-tatted, nightlife connoisseur, however, Wehbe's platform extends so much further.

Patience, Perseverance, and Pride Are The Hallmarks Of His Entrepreneurial Spirit

Whether in the office or the gym, Wehbe attributes his wealth of success to patience, perseverance, and pride. A true believer that timing is everything, he understands that the effort invested into each project illuminates his overall success. From collaborating with Major Film Studios to connecting and consulting A-List Musicians and Artists, he understands that opportunities come to those who wait. It is that same patience which helped him complete a major bucket list earlier this year. Preparing for this physical milestone was not easy, however, Wehbe is a firm believer in positive mental health. He was able complete the Los Angeles Marathon, finishing in the top 1% (3:09:11) with only 4 months of training. This tenacity and relentless drive to better himself only shows us the level of perseverance Eli Wehbe has on a daily basis. These characteristics have enabled him to remain patient in every aspect of his life, thus being able to coach others, and have a long-lasting impact on his peers.

Staying Positive: A Day In the Life of a Nightlife Entrepreneur

Structure is omnipresent in everything Eli Wehbe does. Getting up at 7 am, Eli is ready to hit the gym for a workout and an 8-10 mile run. He then goes to meetings, only to return to the gym a second time, cycling anywhere from 13-20 miles before getting his night started. Once his night begins, it is non-stop, accommodating and entertaining A-List VIP's and clients, while making sure his club is operating flawlessly. You may ask, what fuels Eli's rigorous routine? The answer is pretty simple, a Plant-Based Diet which consists Nutrient-Rich Greens, Organic Fruits, and Essential Vitamins (B12, Echinacea, Vitamin C). By staying true to himself, he doesn't allow nightlife temptations affect his business, thus being adamant about not drinking at Warwick.

Dedicating to a Daily Routine

With such a regimented lifestyle, it may seem as though Eli is the complete opposite of the typical nightlife goer. His approach makes a lot of sense, however. "There's a huge significance with my positive mindset that stems from sticking to a routine. Being able to perform at my optimal, whether it's business, relationships, and self-growth. When you don't have one or your routine isn't working, everything is off. When you align yourself with a solid routine, the positive results are inevitable," he says.

For Eli Wehbe, the gym is "therapeutic' and quintessential with strengthening his mental state. It is also a time of great creativity for him. "You are in control of your thoughts, and responsible for your quality of life. You have to let go of what you can't change or control; otherwise, it will throw everything off. Focus on yourself and what truly matters, your mental health. You can't be defeated when you have a positive mindset."

Starting off as a club doorman, Wehbe has opened many doors for himself, leading with a positive outlook, and the drive to help others achieve their own vision along the way. Garnering a large social media following, his motivational voice touches countless aspiring entrepreneurs and individuals who seek a greater purpose. He teaches them about his motivation, his structure, and helps them take pride in everything they do. It is truly a labor of love for him when people connect with him on a daily basis to say that they are now following his daily routine, and that his advice has forever changed their lives. What started out as a way to reach health enthusiasts has turned into a natural born gift of welcoming and accommodating others. This has people coming back to Warwick nightly, while indulging in his health-conscious habits daily.

For entrepreneurs or just those with an entrepreneurial spirit, for nightclub champions and early birds alike, it is paramount to adopt a daily routine. This helps everyone focus better, take more pride in their accomplishments and persevere when times are tough. According to Eli Wehbe, "what you do every single day matters more than what you do every now and then. Good habits and self discipline all begin in the mind. If you don't control what you think, you can't control what you do. Your attitude determines the very direction you are going, and with the right lifestyle choices, you will have more time and energy to get there and impact others with your own natural gifts." For this entrepreneur, mogul, and health enthusiast, the secret of his success is found in his daily routine.