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This Company Will Conduct the Second Blockchain Auction for Ad Spaces on EasyJet Boarding Passes Say hello to the AdEx, a Bulgaria-based decentralized advertising network.

Courtesy of Stankevicius MGM

AdEx, a Bulgaria-based decentralized advertising network, has successfully managed world's first blockchain-based auction for advertising space and will hold another one in December 2017.

"This is a giant step for us as it bridges travel media, advertising and blockchain to offer advertisers even more opportunities for reaching their desired target audiences," said Ivo Georgiev, CEO of AdEx.

The first auction has allowed three winning companies to place their ads on 1 million of easyJet's boarding passes. The event was facilitated in partnership with travel media company Ink, providing magazines and other media products for the largest airlines, railroads, and travel companies.

"We are pleased to be working with AdEx to deliver advertisers such a targeted medium and to be involved in this media first," commented Simon Leslie, CEO of Ink.

AdEx's goal is to solve numerous problems that persist in the modern advertising industry by building a decentralized advertising network based on blockchain technology. Success of the recent blockchain auction marked an important step toward the new paradigm of online advertising.

"We are very happy that the auction was so successful, as it gave advertisers a real taste of what they can expect from our powerful advertising network in the future," added Ivo Georgiev.

Together with Ink and its audience of over 800 million passengers AdEx will be offering 1 million more ad spaces on boarding passes via invitation-only auction in December 2017. Additional information about the event will soon be released on AdEx official blog.

Earlier this year, AdEx has announced partnership with China-based blockchain platform NEO. Thanks to NEO AdEx will be able to employ the blockchain infrastructure for smart contracts, digital assets, and DApps. After the partnership with NEO was announced AdEx's native ADX token price soared from $0.35 to $1.92, reflecting a positive community sentiment. ADX token was steadily growing for the last 5 days and at the moment of writing its price was around $1.28.

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