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This Game-Changing Investment App Will Help You Build Long-Term Wealth and Satisfy Your 'Voyeuristic' Desire to See Where Other People Put Their Money Her First $100K founder Tori Dunlap has teamed up with Treasury co-founders Elias Rothblatt and Ivar Vong to give more people access to the investing information that matters -- and that has the potential to change lives.

By Amanda Breen

Courtesy of Treasury

Women are better investors than men, a 2021 Fidelity study found. Yet some estimates suggest that as few as 26% of women have invested in the stock market, a staggering statistic alongside the persistent gender pay gap, which held steady in 2020 and is expected to widen in the wake of the pandemic.

Why are women so hesitant to join the investing world? According to Her First $100K founder Tori Dunlap, it's because they're so often excluded from financial conversations. "The world of the stock market and the world of investing is super white finance bro-y, and it's all about the next sexy investment," Dunlap says. "So many of our community members have gotten educated or are starting to get educated about how to save and pay off debt, but they're still feeling intimidated by investing."

With its "fighting the patriarchy by making you rich" tagline, Dunlap's Her First $100K is on a mission to change the status quo by getting more money into women's hands. And Dunlap's fast rise to social-media stardom and staunch advocacy of financial feminism have paved the way for her next exciting venture: partnering with Treasury co-founders Elias Rothblatt and Ivar Vong to launch the Treasury app, an education platform revolutionizing the way women invest.

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