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This New Service Makes Government-Level Cybersecurity Available to Entrepreneurs Say hello to INTRUSION Shield, a cybersecurity service with a different approach to keeping your data safe.

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Just like everything else online, cyberattacks are evolving. And just because your business isn't a major global brand (yet) doesn't mean you're not a target for online criminals. As it turns out, more than 70 percent of cyberattacks occur at businesses with less than 100 employees.

Sounds scary, but that's where INTRUSION comes in. Around for nearly four decades and powered by close to 40 experts with deep forensic experience working on the most difficult problems for the U.S. Department of Defense and other large companies, INTRUSION believes its new product, INTRUSION Shield, will be a game changer for protecting businesses of all sizes from malicious activity online.

"We have an opportunity with INTRUSION Shield to bring government-level security to the commercial market, to startups," says president and CEO Jack Blount, who joined INTRUSION in February. INTRUSION was founded in 1983 as a maker of secure, fiber optic LAN equipment. Before joining INTRUSION this year, Blount was founder and CEO of a VC firm investing in artificial intelligence companies and served for four years as CIO of the U.S. Department of Agriculture. He has also served as CTO, COO, and CEO of eight technology companies.

The idea for INTRUSION Shield started with the premise that every network has already been compromised. "That's the opposite of every other cybersecurity product that assumes that if they put enough locks on your door, they can keep the bad guys out," Blount says. "I learned in the federal government that there are never enough locks to keep them out."

Hackers and other bad actors are increasingly able to breach firewalls, enter a network via a compromised memory stick, "or 100 other ways," he says. Once they get past your conventional cybersecurity tools, they can spend days, weeks, months, or even years on your network funneling money from your accounts or searching for the most valuable assets to hold as ransom. A recent report says that 60 percent of small businesses that were affected by ransomware went bankrupt within six months.

So, instead of adding more proverbial locks that hackers can eventually unlock, INTRUSION Shield assumes they are already inside and instead focuses on identifying and neutralizing their illicit behavior, Blount says.

Over the last four decades, INTRUSION has compiled a comprehensive list of about 2 billion IP addresses that can be trusted to put on their Approve List and has identified about 2.7 billion malicious IP addresses that go on their Block List. With about 5 billion IP addresses in existence today, INTRUSION has what may be the largest list of IP addresses available. However, there is still a small gap and to be truly effective, INTRUSION Shield must be dynamic as cyber criminals continually change and move around. This is why INTRUSION Shield has also applied patented, real-time AI technology to monitor all activity coming into, leaving, and moving around within your company's network, Blount says. The AI leverages hundreds of parameters that INTRUSION's expert analysts have applied over the company's 30-year history.

For directors and senior management in organizations looking for aggressive protection against unaddressed information security threats, INTRUSION Shield offers protection unlike any other you'll find on the market, Blount says.

Perhaps best of all, no IT expertise is needed to implement INTRUSION Shield. "We do everything through AI and it does all of the heavy lifting for you," he says. INTRUSION Shield also provides businesses with a report that shows exactly how many IP addresses were blocked each month.

Blount says INTRUSION Shield will be available later this year. Pricing will be based per employee, per month, allowing the solution to stay affordable for you now but also leaving room for it to grow with your company.

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