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Want to Work Remote? Try Looking for Jobs In These 10 States and 10 Cities

New data finds the states and cities with the most remote work opportunities, as well as the places with the most entry level remote jobs.


As case numbers rise across the country, the demand for remote positions has never been stronger. For recent high school and college grads looking to enter the workforce for the first time, remote work is particularly appealing. They could live at home and save money while working, or try out jobs in a few cities before picking a more permanent home base.

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One advantage of remote work is that you aren't bound to a specific geographic location, but it turns out narrowing down your search parameters could help you find something more easily. In September, Moneypenny analyzed 71,000 jobs posted on Indeed to find the states and cities with the highest number of remote work positions.

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If you're just entering the workforce or looking to change roles, consider focusing your search on Florida, California and New York. Those three states each had more than 7,000 remote jobs available when Moneypenny did its research. Here's the full top 10:

  • Florida - 10,826

  • California - 7,944

  • New York - 7,154

  • Texas - 5,434

  • Illinois - 2,334

  • North Carolina - 2,214

  • Virginia - 2,199

  • Pennsylvania - 2,190

  • Georgia - 2,166

  • Arizona - 1,793

Curious how your state stacks up? See below for how each state ranks in terms of availability of remote jobs.

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Not surprisingly large cities with a strong tech industry presence have the highest number of remote positions available. Here's the top 10:

  • New York - 1,693

  • Los Angeles - 1,086

  • Chicago - 1,052

  • Atlanta - 969

  • Austin - 789

  • Denver - 702

  • Boston - 683

  • Phoenix - 670

  • Seattle - 622

  • Philadelphia - 559

Here's a breakdown of how many jobs are available in even more cities.

Florida, New York and California are also the best places for entry level remote job searchers to look. See the map below for a breakdown of which states have the highest and lowest number of roles for people new to the job market.

The number of remote roles available across the country is likely to only increase as time goes on, but if you're looking now, consider updating your search parameters to focus on these 20 places.

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