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What You Need to Know About Internet Reputation Management in 2021 Improving your online reputation could be the best investment you'll ever make.


In the rising age of data economy, reputation management is more important than ever. Online reputation management is a tangible resource that companies and individuals can look to when planning their internet reputation strategy for the year to come.

With data showing that most consumers conduct their research online before making a decision, a strong Internet reputation has become the most effective marketing tool for businesses of all kinds.

Making an exact prediction for what online reputation will look like in the nearest future can be a difficult task during these times of global uncertainty. But with 2020 marking significant interest in online social proof and transparency, we can expect the existing ideas and trends to evolve, but also new technologies to emerge.

Tools for efficient online reputation management.

We live in an era where people are encouraged to talk openly. Whether that means posting comments on social media or leaving google reviews, customers like to express their voice, turning the Internet into the ultimate decision-making tool.

In order to adapt to this fast digitalization of branding, while also keeping up with customer's feedback, brands of all sizes need to start using online reputation tools and learn to adopt artificial intelligence into their reputation management strategies.

We predict that the tools which have been the catalysts for digital transformation through their powerful and outstanding features, will make their way into 2021. And as AI becomes more prominent in our lives, we expect such tools — like those that permit content strategists to make smart searches, monitor reviews on multiple channels, perform relevant keyword identification, or define SEO tasks — will progress even further.

Customer engagement.

In the previous years, building goodwill simply meant providing quality products or services, to inspire positive feedback via word of mouth. In today's digital age, social proof largely takes the form of online ratings and reviews. Positive reviews can lead to substantial increases in revenue, while negative feedback can cause irreparable damage. How you respond to both speaks volumes about your business and your brand.

According to Mathwick and Mosteller, the act of reviewing is considered one of the most influential expressions of customer engagement. What this means for companies is that customers form a bond with a brand whenever they leave a review. This is why an intelligent multichannel customer engagement strategy is vital for countering negative comments.

In 2021, the biggest wins are going to come from the channels that can speak to the widest audience. With social media leading all marketing channels and messaging beating out all other mediums for customer engagement, maintaining an active presence on Facebook, Youtube or LinkedIn is vital.

Businesses can communicate with their customers directly using these platforms, allowing for a more personalized experience instead of reading an automated response. Even if the world of social media changes in the coming years, the consistent use of social platforms creates an invaluable customer interaction that traditional marketing cannot duplicate.

Brand ambassadors and social media influencers.

In 2021, influencer marketing and PR will continue to be an important part of any reputation management strategy.

Since the unstoppable rise of social media platforms, online forums, discussion boards and review sites, no company or personal figure can stay away from public scrutiny. That's why, in this time more than ever, brand ambassadors and social media influencers have the ability to give both companies and individuals a reputation boost.

Successful influencers benefit from immense credibility and huge exposure through their power of reaching thousands, sometimes even millions of people. They are able to cut through the noise and connect with their audience with a sense of trust that no company can do by itself.

Search engine optimization.

The world is changing, but SEO is here to stay. High quality content became a decisive factor for your brand's popularity and online reputation a long time ago, but it keeps standing strong as 2021 approaches. Content is still, and will always be, king.

With a new year, we can expect changes that will happen at major and minor levels, and what's working in SEO strategies today could take a 180 turn by next year. SEO is constantly evolving, and it's important to stay on top of what works and what doesn't.

Google changing its search engine algorithm to focus on the Core Web Vitals, video content, mobile first indexing, or voice search are just a few of the trends online reputation experts are predicting will lead the 2021 SEO space.

At NetReputation, we believe video innovations will dominate the content medium. On social media platforms, video is shared more and ranks higher than any other type of post. And with statistics showing that 87 percent of the marketers are using video formats such as video blogs, explainer videos and software tutorials, we can definitely say that video content will be a pivotal part of the SEO mix in 2021.

As technology continues to change, both individuals and businesses that rely on maintaining an online presence have to stay connected and adapt to the new landscape.


The good news is can help. While we can't be absolutely sure what's to come in 2021 and beyond, one fact is certain: there's no denying the power reputation has to amplify or damage your profits, as people increasingly converse and do business online. And although 2020 was an evolutionary year for online reputation, its importance is expected to increase in every walk of life as more people continue to connect virtually.

Thankfully, it's possible to take control of the 2021 narrative through a trusted Sarasota-based resource for both business leaders and everyday individuals. Aligned with the future trends of reputation management that are centered around continuous public relation and crisis communication management, can help companies and individuals stay on top of all the shifts and changes that are coming over the next year.

By using a variety of online reputation management services which include everything from negative review analysis, SEO, social media management or brand repositioning, NetReputation looks forward to a future in which businesses and individuals enjoy greater control over how they are perceived online.

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