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XcelToken : A revolutionary Blockchain Utility Token Is Ready For Hotel Bookings Worldwide

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The crypto and blockchain community have been eagerly waiting since November 2017, when XcelTrip spoke about their Blockchain based Online Travel Platform powered by XcelToken at the Blockchain Expo, Santa Clara, California.

Well, the wait is over! XCELTRIP.COM is now live. Crypto and blockchain communities around the world can now book top hotel accommodations across the globe using XcelToken and soon with many other major crypto assets such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ripple and more.

On this momentous occasion, XcelTrip's CEO Hob Khadka said "Our vision it to empower the users, decentralise the trillion-dollar travel industry by harnessing the power of blockchain and our crypto asset "XcelToken". We have launched a working usecase first NOT choosing to go ICO way, like many others out there. This is a proof of our commitment to our vision and ability to disrupt the travel industry".

Majority of Blockchain and crypto communities are frustrated that they are unable to use their crypto assets in the real world, as many of them are still just in the whitepaper stage or under-development. Here XcelToken has successfully grabbed the attention of the crypto community and got them excited – "If you own XcelToken, you can right away go ahead and use them on and book hotels", adds Hob Khadka. This, many market observers say is a "game changer" and works very well to help XcelTrip capture larger user base .

XcelTrip, is poised to be a full-service blockchain based travel platform aiming to empower consumers with lower travel costs by eliminating third-parties and non-value adding middlemen in the ecosystem.

XcelTrip is running a tight ship, with team of seasoned blockchain domain experts based at their offices in Singapore, India, Nepal and USA and they are ready to scale up to the next level with speed and are attracting great talent from around the world.

Key Features that will enable XcelTrip to disrupt Travel Industry:

  • XcelTrip offers a blockchain based online travel website and apps (Android and IOS*) where users can book hotel accommodation with ease using crypto tokens/ assets.

  • Users can access over half a million, top rated hotel properties around the world at competitive prices.
  • "Earn when you travel, don't just spend." As part of the launch offer, XcelTrip is offering 5% cash back* in XcelToken for all the hotel bookings done on all this month. *terms & conditions apply
  • IMP Program (Independent Marketing Partner Program), is a special community development program created by XcelTrip to drive the decentralization of travel ecosystem. Users can register on as an IMP, refer hotel properties that they wish to see on XcelTrip Platform. Every time that property generates a sale via (once successfully listed), the IMP earns a percentage commission. It's that simple.

Like a fine wine, it gets even better, XcelTrip over the next 2 years aims to offer multiple use cases for the XcelToken users along with crypto and blockchain communities worldwide, giving them access to ready use cases / services that they can purchase using crypto.

Why use XcelToken?

XcelToken is an ERC-20 utility token based on the Ethereum Protocol; developed with the latest in blockchain technology and by experts from FinTech & Travel industries; it is set to disrupt the Trillion Dollar Travel Industry.

You can buy XcelToken with ease on, where on every purchase you get 5% extra bonus* and also get an instant, secure wallet created for storing and using your XcelTokens. *terms & conditions apply

XcelToken is to become the primary settlement tool with the ultimate goal of decentralizing the travel ecosystem by connecting the vendors directly with the consumers. This will give them access to the best services, at the most reasonable prices from across the hospitality industry such as accommodation, flights, food & beverage establishments amongst others.

Pay with XcelToken For Your Travel:

XcelToken is also launching "XCELPAY," a crypto Merchant POS Device, which will help drive crypto usage across the world.

XcelPay is an crypto retail merchant payment solution, integrated into an easy to use, secure smart tablet for receiving and sending payments in crypto on the Go!

XcelPay POS machine is ideal for Restaurants, Hotels, Bars, Spas, Convenient Stores, Gas Stations and many other similar merchants establishments around the world. XcelPay Merchant device can process payments in XcelToken, Bitcoin, Ethereum, BitcoinCash, Ripple and Litecoin and other major crypto assets.

XcelPay Web Merchant API Solutions for e-commerce companies:

XcelPay is launching its Web Merchant API for all kinds of ecommerce companies worldwide. E-commerce companies can use XcelPay API as a payment gateway solution to accept crypto on their website/ apps and drive incremental sales.

Xcelpay for Users and Consumers:

Consumers can download the XcelPay app on Android & iOS devices from 3rd week of August 2018. Consumers can receive, send and store crypto assets in the XcelPay user app. It is a secure blockchain wallet offering users total peace of mind.

XcelTrip's roadmap for the next 2 years:

  • Launch Flight Booking, offer Table reservation, Food and Beverage package deals at Hotels, Pubs & Restaurants around the world.
  • X-RIDE CAR SERVICES: Launch of car and cab services app across all airports and major downtown centres across popular travel destinations around the world.
  • XcelWorld Academy: Launch XcelWorld Academy to drive blockchain learning and community development, creating new career opportunities for the youth.
  • Launch X-Bar: A blockchain based cloud bar platform that is built to excite the millennial generation who love active social life.

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