Club Pilates

Founded in 2007, Club Pilates began franchising in 2012 and is now the largest network of premium group Pilates studios worldwide.

Business Type: Franchise

Startup Costs: $136,650 - $222,750

Can be operated from home: Yes
Financing Available: Yes


Thank you for joining us as we work to bring the benefits of Pilates to everybody.  Thank you for being part of the Club Pilates community.

We believe Pilates is the finest strength-training workout available for anyone, at any age.  It’s a path to a fuller, richer, healthier and more satisfying life.

The functional strength and flexibility you will gain at Club Pilates won’t just benefit you while you’re exercising. It will become the key to living a happier, healthier and more fulfilling life.

We invite you to Do Pilates. Do Life.


The Club Pilates team has more combined hours studying, training, teaching and practicing Pilates than any other Pilates studio in existence. It’s not even close. And over that time, we have perfected our unique and proprietary approach to ensuring every Club Pilates member receives the finest training and most effective results.

We call this approach the Club Pilates Method:

  • The widest array of classes available anywhere, designed to challenge students at every level and target exactly what you want to work on most.
  • Brand-new state of the art equipment in every studio, including not just Reformers, but the entire array of Pilates tools: the Chair, the Springboard, the Barre. And the TRX Training System. You’ll get a complete Pilates workout, every time.
  • The best value in Pilates, with unexpectedly low prices that allow you to dedicate yourself to Pilates for life.


Club Pilates has launched a revolution in the Pilates industry and we’d love to have you join us. We are the largest network of Pilates studios in the industry and we’ve only just begun!

We believe that Pilates is the finest strength-training workout available for anyone, at any age. We are dedicated to fulfilling the promise of bringing the benefits of Pilates to everybody in the world.

For years, Pilates has not been widely accessible to the masses due to pricing and exclusivity. Today we’re overcoming those obstacles and barriers by offering franchise opportunities to make Pilates affordable and nurturing for as many people as possible. All of our studios are equipped with Pilates Reformers, Chairs, and Spring Boards, as well as mats, balls, weights, and barres. We have designed several signature class formats in order to fit the needs of many clients, from young to more senior, and from beginner to advanced, we want there to be a good class fit for anyone.