Namaste Technologies

Namaste Technologies are a global collective of innovators and experts focused on providing the best cannabis-related products available.

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HQ Location:
US Flag Jupiter, FL
Cannabis, Computer Software, Medical Practice

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About Namaste Technologies

Namaste Technologies is a global cannabis eCommerce company that operates 32 sites in 20 countries. We have years of data collected on legal cannabis users and by combining machine learning technology with telemedicine apps, and now we are monetizing this information. We are currently going through the final stage of Canada’s licensing process for our LP which will allow us to participate in the market with legal cannabis products. Going forward we plan to expand Namaste's product lines, eventually allowing us to sell both consumables and vaporizers from the same location. Our innovations in telemedicine and machine learning will allow us to serve the customers effectively and efficiantly, bringing an unprecedent level of service to the cannabis market.


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