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Daring To Innovate: The Key To Finding Success As An Entrepreneur "I believe that in order to succeed as an entrepreneur, it's not about being in the right place at the right time- instead, it's about making it the right place at the right time."

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Epione Beverly Hills.
Simon Ourian

"Do. Or do not. There is no try." While you may be used to hearing this piece of dialogue from the Star Wars movie franchise uttered more often by film-lovers around the world, it shouldn't come as too much of a surprise that Dr. Simon Ourian swear by these words in his day-to-day life as an entrepreneur as well.

When he founded his cosmetic surgery center, Epione Beverly Hills, in Los Angeles about 20 years ago, he knew he was entering a market that was already quite crowded at the time, and as such, probably should have been more apprehensive about starting up an enterprise in this particular sector. But while he may not have been able to match the experience or established practices of his counterparts in the field then, Dr. Ourian did know that he had something to offer that nobody else did- and that was reason enough for him to take the risk and start up a venture.

With that conviction and mind frame, there was no point in waiting to kick start an entrepreneurial journey- and today, "I'm glad to say that I dared to take that plunge as soon as I could. After all, I believe that in order to succeed as an entrepreneur, it's not about being in the right place at the right time- instead, it's about making it the right place at the right time."

Dr. Ourian started Epione with a vision for a cosmetic surgery center that focused on using what we know today as "aesthetic laser surgery"- the Los Angeles market may have well been saturated with cosmetic doctors back then, but Dr. Ourian got to move ahead by making changes to the entrenched system, and shake it up by introducing new methods, ideas, and products. Today, Epione is known for being one of the most comprehensive, state of the art laser and aesthetic surgery centers of its kind in the world. Their clients range from kings and queens, members of royal families around the world, and dignitaries, to CEOs, teachers, physicians, and housewives.

The client base is thus literally anyone who wants to look better, but doesn't want to look unnatural. All of these people demand three things: one, the best quality products; two, the best technology has to offer, and three, the best doctor to use these products and technology correctly and artistically. It's by providing a holistic combination of all these aspects that Epione has managed to stand out, and how Dr. Ourian continues to make waves in this sector to this day.

Dr. Ourian muses that it's relatively easier to talk about all this today- but when you're actually in the process of innovating, a lot of courage is needed to move ahead with it, despite the potential pitfalls. But then again, if you are an entrepreneur, you have to get used to risk when starting and growing your business. "You have to get accustomed to that uneasy feeling- fear can be a great motivator! In my case, fear is what motivated me to take action and make my ideas happen, even if there was criticism and pushback along the way. For instance, a couple of years ago, I started putting my procedures online for everyone to see- I liked the transparency of it, and I felt it brought me closer to my patients and potential patients all over the world."

However, at the time, Dr. Ourian was greatly criticized by other doctors for doing this, with many chastising him for daring to broadcast what was going on behind closed doors to the whole wide world. But time proved the doctor right in the end- nowadays, it's almost common practice for doctors to showcase their work online, with most people going to one only after they've done their due diligence on him/her on the internet.

Dr. Ourian wants all entrepreneurs to know this: "When it's your dream, your vision, only you can see the path forward. Loved ones will voice concerns about all the potential risks and pitfalls, peers and competitors will tell you it is impossible or a bad idea, and enemies will try to sabotage– as an entrepreneur, you must overcome all of those criticisms, and follow the path you've chosen for yourself. As far as I am concerned, I don't let the haters interfere with my work, or with my vision. And I have to say, that modus operandi has worked great for me so far."

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