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Making Digital Human: Red Blue Blur Ideas (RBBi) Established in 2011, RBBi (Red Blue Blur Ideas) is the only UX led digital solutions provider in the region to combine an in-house usability lab together with research, design, SEO and digital analytics specialisations.

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Established in 2011, Red Blue Blur Ideas (RBBi) is the only UX led digital solutions provider in the region to combine an in-house usability lab together with research, design, SEO and digital analytics specialisations. With a unique blend of knowledge and experience, RBBi is an ideal partner to help deliver impactful change in an ever-changing and competitive digital landscape.

All things digital from U to X and beyond

We started out with User Experience (UX), Usability Testing (UT) and an ethical approach to learn how users work and how to create truly seamless journeys for their optimal experience. As time moved on however, customer expectations have increased with the evolution of technology happening at an increasing breakneck speed.

So, as well as aiming to be leaders in UX and UT, we now look at the bigger picture and place people at the very heart of creating full digital experiences. From utilising insights in the creation of engaging content through to designing products based on business and customer needs, every solution provided by RBBi is centred on the needs of end-users.

We truly are a full service, honest and ethical digital solutions provider.

The RBBi team.

Our Beliefs

We are an agency that truly puts users' needs first.

We look at the bigger picture in every project undertaken and create a solution rather than sell one part of the story.

We're always asking: "How can we marry business needs with user needs?"

We're a people-first agency fostering a better place to work with a genuinely collaborative culture, which in turn creates the best work for our partners.

The RBBi team.

Arabic Solutions by Arabic Speakers

Finally, we have never forgotten that Arabic is the native language for the majority of our client partners. With this in mind, we have hired and nurtured regional talent within the organisation. In fact, almost a third of our team comprises of native Arabic speakers.

Partner with us for research, testing, design, SEO or analytics and work with some the best international and local talent here in the region.

Check out some of our case studies here:

For more information, contact us on info@rbbideas.com or +971 4 454 2608.

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