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iSTYLE's Abhijeet Bhose On How Startups And SMBs Can Solve Their Pressing IT Security Challenges "iSTYLE can easily assist companies connect and manage all their devices, leveraging Apple Business Manager for centralized control."

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Abhijeet Bhose, Head of Sales, iSTYLE B2B for UAE and Oman

The COVID-19 pandemic has left us with an ongoing discussion about the pros and cons of remote work- while employers believe it hurts team cohesion and communication, employees prefer to work remotely, as it saves them time and money.

However, remote work brings with it questions that are truly fundamental to businesses surviving and thriving in today's economy, such as how to overcome the lack of security controls, as well as cybersecurity oversights by their dispersed workforce.

Small businesses with staff working remotely have been particularly vulnerable to different cybersecurity attacks- phishing attacks, malware, ransomware, and other malicious software that can infect their devices, and steal sensitive information.

A 2023 Cybersecurity study by Accenture reveals that nearly 43% of cyber attacks are on small and medium businesses, and 95% of them can be attributed to human error. 47% of businesses that have less than 50 employees don't allocate any funds towards cybersecurity. Meanwhile, 51% of small businesses don't utilize any security measures for their IT infrastructure.

Since startups and small and medium businesses have limited resources to establish security protocols and secure their data integrity, they are always on the lookout for solutions that can do more with less.

Apple is a brand that comes to the fore in this regard- the company's products offer a safe and secure environment straight out of the box, without relying on any additional software. They also simplify device management with built-in security features and data privacy. At the same time, the Apple ecosystem is also extremely well-connected and integrated, enabling businesses to start a project on a Mac, continue it on an iPhone, and make final edits on an iPad, all the while offering seamless interoperability.

Image courtesy iSTYLE.

For busy startup and SME founders, choosing the right Apple products and associated services can be quite overwhelming, and this is where the Apple Premium Partner iSTYLE B2B team comes into the picture. Abhijeet Bhose, Head of Sales, iSTYLE B2B for UAE and Oman, explains that there are five different ways in which they help companies procure the most suitable Apple products, starting with iSTYLE's free consulting service.

"Then, iSTYLE can easily assist companies connect and manage all their devices, leveraging Apple Business Manager for centralized control," Bhose continues. "It can also facilitate remote device management ensuring zero-touch deployment with specific mobile device management (MDM) solutions. Also, we offer multiple flexible payment modes for a more accessible and hassle-free acquisition process, as well as workshops and training sessions to empower SMEs to maximize the potential of their Apple products."

iSTYLE also offers an after sales support through the many Apple authorized Service Centers present in its stores. "We offer free pick-up and drop-off services and efficient resolution of any service-related issues," Bhose adds.

One of iSTYLE's clients is My Menu, an advanced digital menu platform that offers digital menus accessible through tablets, QR codes, and online platforms. Knowing that My Menu is currently trusted by over 4,200 restaurants and 450 hotels across 70 countries, it becomes evident why they sought the services of iSTYLE.

The My Menu team. Image courtesy iSTYLE.

"One of the big challenges in the hospitality industry for hardware are accidental breakage and water damage, and iSTYLE helped us secure AppleCare+, which covers both and gives us peace of mind," says Abhishek Bose, co-founder and CEO of My Menu. "Another challenge in the hospitality industry is getting internal investment approvals to buy the hardware at scale, but iSTYLE provided us with a low-cost hardware financing option (leasing) split into three years which made it very easy for our clients to enroll."

With iSTYLE providing his company with iPads along with AppleCare+ as well as financing solutions (leasing) for the purchases, Bose can attest to the quality of their services. "iSTYLE has proven to be an exceptional business partner, successfully addressing our immediate challenges and boosting our hardware sales. Their proactive approach and effective solutions have made a tangible impact on our business success." Bose concludes.

Visit iSTYLE B2B at https://istyle.ae/istyle-for-business to learn more about their business solutions.

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