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News and Trends

The Shazam Of Heartbeats: Here's How Eko Health Helps Bridge Gaps In Cardiac Care

Unlike conventional stethoscopes that transmit sound through traditional tubing, Eko Health's device leverages digital technology to capture and analyze heart sounds with unparalleled precision.

Growth Strategies

Reviving The Earth: Dendra Systems' Journey In Transforming Ecosystem Restoration

Confronting a daunting challenge, Dendra has set its sights on rejuvenating two billion hectares of degraded land that scars our planet.


Five Graphs About Impact Investing That You Need To See

Discover five essential data points that make up the current landscape of impact investing and its role in shaping global progress.


Redefining Capital's Purpose: The Evolution Of Impact Investing

Discover the evolution of impact investing and its potential to create inclusive economies and foster sustainable development.

Starting a Business

A New Report By Arowana Impact Capital Built In Partnership With Entrepreneur Middle East and Lucidity Insights Looks Into The Business Of Impact Investing

Over the past 20 years, impact investing has undergone a remarkable evolution, driven by a confluence of societal, economic, and technological factors.