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How This Entrepreneur Became Successful In Business Innovation And Diversification Gian Pietro Beltrando was born in Piedmont in 1996. After his studies, he immediately began working at the age of 19 in the real estate sector.

By John Stanly

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Gian Pietro Beltrando

Italians, have always been in a wide variety of fields, the inventors of business models. Creativity and intelligence are, even today, the keys that allow them to succeed in an economy that is now globalized but in which, the starting conditions are not equal for all.

Gian Pietro Beltrando was born in Piedmont in 1996. After his studies, he immediately began working at the age of 19 in the real estate sector.

He begins his entrepreneurial adventure when he was just 20 years old: in fact, in 2017 he starts the first phase of his professional life, he opens his first company, Centaurus Group, faithful to the sector from which he was born, he focuses on real estate. Thanks to the asset he starts networking, dedicates himself to personal, professional training growing fast and learning the economic-financial pillars that allow him to run the company in the best way.

He later founded in 2019 the startup Swiss Tech Consulting SRL, in which he holds the role of CEO , a regulated Fintech company with a second partner, an industry expert, where thanks to the services offered and the 'innovation used, creates a financial community composed of six thousand retail users, closing an incredible track record.

He brings home an important exit in late 2021, selling his company to a company listed on the Italian Stock Exchange. Thanks to the liquidity and experience gained over the years, he became a 'full-fledged shareholder, acquiring additional company shares in the logistics sector and the service world. He is also known on social networks, where he shares his operations and ideas about the business world every day, where he connects with thousands of people every day, propelled by the first part of a career that promises to be a race to new heights.

His corporate structure is composed of a group of professionals who look after the main business interests of economic-financial content, starting with his lead Italian holding company, M7 Financial, which controls the underlying owned operating structures operating in the following sectors : Real Estate and Construction, Fintech and Finance, Logistics and Control up to the world of services.

The non-operating financial structure that holds the shares of the underlying ones, administered by Gian Pietro Beltrando, also boasts prominent shareholders within it, a real union between corporate and know-How for the proper management and development of the same.

The peculiarity in his business processes is the corporate merger, each company,each business he controls, is associated with shareholders and partners who follow the operations of the sector involved, he never works alone in 'entrepreneurship.

Faithful to the economic-business training, he emphasizes what has allowed him to verticalize objectives, specifying that success in the entrepreneurial world is based on discipline, constant business and professional training followed by study and the ability to grasp an idea and put it in the field.

From business plan Beltrando will execute in the third quarter of 2024 a new investment round toward new sectors, focusing in the world of services, also dedicating liquidity to further strengthen its corporate structure.

John Stanly

Start-up mentor


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