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Top 10 Inspiring Healthcare Entrepreneurs To Watch In 2023 These innovators have already made strides in their respective fields, from revolutionizing treatments for serious illnesses to pioneering new technologies that will improve the industry

By Arif Bhatt

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The healthcare sector is an ever-evolving industry, and entrepreneurs are at the forefront of innovation. This article will look at some of the top inspiring healthcare entrepreneurs to watch in 2023. These innovators have already made strides in their respective fields, from revolutionizing treatments for serious illnesses to pioneering new technologies that will improve the industry. These entrepreneurs will significantly impact healthcare over the next few years, and we are excited to see what they will bring to the table. Read on to learn more about these bright minds and why they should be kept on your radar!

Alpesh Patel, Ravkoo Health

Alpesh Patel is a registered pharmacist and the CEO/Founder of Ravkoo Health. This technology company provides a patient-centric, data-driven, interconnected, interoperable digital marketplace for healthcare services. The company developed a digital technology-based platform, healthcare marketplace, and specialized customized products.

Alpesh strongly believes that every problem has a solution and found gaps in health care where a possible answer could be found through the use of technology. He has always had a strong passion for building technology and healthcare companies. He is always open for advisory roles in new emerging startups, some of which he currently serves as an advisor, are Bexcode Technology, Cabana Health, Talk Thru, and the Neighbour Care Clinic Chain. Alpesh's main focus now is building technology that improves the overall healthcare experience for everyone.

Carl Anthony Osborne, Clinical Informaticist, EHR Consultant, and Creator of seeCOLe

Carl Anthony Osborne is a seasoned health IT consultant and entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience optimizing electronic health records (EHRs) for healthcare systems and creating mobile applications and clinical user dashboards that interface with EHRs. Utilizing Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) APIs, Osborne has developed cutting-edge applications that give users direct access to clinical data. One such application is seeCOLe, an augmented reality health app that allows clinicians to interact with the EHR through voice commands via wearable glasses such as Google Glass or the Vuzix Blade. With clinical data appearing in the clinician's field of view, seeCOLe is a unique and innovative solution in the healthcare industry.

As a subject matter expert in developing healthcare applications that conform to HL7 FHIR APIs, Osborne is a four-time clinical application developer award winner, including 2022 MIT's Hacking Medicine. He is passionate about analyzing current systems and processes and works closely with patients and clinicians to design, develop, test, and deploy applications. His most recent launch, WellnessWits, addresses clinician burnout and patient monitoring by providing a digital platform for providers to create treatment plans and virtual group therapy for medical issues. Another application, Patient Orator, helps patients plan their health visits and voice health concerns from the comfort of their homes without fear of being dismissed or interrupted by healthcare teams.

Through his consulting company, Osborne has made significant progress in the healthcare industry. He has worked on 23 applications for more than 25 health systems in his 17-year tenure. One of the biggest challenges he has faced is inspiring change within organizations that have become accustomed to conducting work in a certain way, even if it is not backed by solid rationale. To overcome this, Osborne has learned the art of gentle questioning. He begins by identifying pain points, understanding organizational goals, and aspirations, and then locating technology to help achieve the business goals. "Sometimes with technology, not everything can be addressed, and so you have to be good at being creative, knowing what tools are out there to satisfy your client," says Osborne.

Natalise Kalea Robinson, Parallel Health

Health innovation leader, Natalise Kalea Robinson, is the Co-Founder + CEO of Parallel Health, a precision skin health company powered by genomics, microbiome science, and big data. A keystone of Parallel's offerings is its Skin Microbiome Discovery Kit, a proprietary test leveraging whole-genome sequencing to uncover the skin microbiome. Empowered with results, one can access Custom Active Phage Serums that match their skin microbiome type, personalized prescriptions, and 24/7 access to clinical guidance. Parallel was named a World-Changing Idea in Fast Company last year and is supported by Illumina Accelerator, Stanford StartX, and UC Berkeley's HealthEngine.

Formerly a signed recording artist who went on to start her own label and publishing house after graduating from Stanford in three years, Natalise is no stranger to hustle. She is an experienced operator, brand marketer, and entrepreneur who has worked across various industries — media, pet tech, consumer beauty, and biotech. She has served in executive roles, transforming brand identity, building teams, 10x-ing margins, and 10x-ing revenue. Natalise received her BA from Stanford and MBA from Stanford GSB. She resides in Venice, CA with her husband Shane and dog Mia.

Jodi Neuhauser, Ovaterra

Women's health leader, Jodi Neuhauser, is the Co-Founder + CEO of Ovaterra, the first evidence-based, intelligent fertility platform. Voted one of the "30 Femtech Brands to Watch in 2022", Ovaterra also manufactures a clinical line of patented nutraceutical products to support reproductive health. Ovaterra is her fourth fertility startup.

Born and raised on a farm with an insatiable desire to learn and teach, Jodi was destined to become a women's health entrepreneur. She has a track record of building consumer healthcare companies that help women uncover life-changing information about their health. In addition to Ovaterra, she is an advisor to and investor in many innovative women's consumer health companies globally.

With executive leadership experience in product, marketing, brand, finance, and sales, Jodi's unique background gives her unmatched insight into the women's health consumer and industry. She has built three global brands and led multi-million dollar P&Ls across five continents in PE and VC-backed companies. Jodi received her BA from the University of Virginia and MBA from NYU's Stern School of Business. She is an Ironman and spends her free time being active with her husband, Justin, and children, Kellen and Kieran.

Sam Mandel, Ketamine Clinics Los Angeles

Sam Mandel is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Ketamine Clinics Los Angeles (KCLA), one of the first ketamine clinics to open in the United States in 2014. He is a lifelong mental health advocate and entrepreneur who has enjoyed successful roles in a wide variety of industries, including entertainment (as an award-winning actor and director), finance, hospitality, retail, real estate, and other service-based businesses. Sam is responsible for the day-to-day operations and strategic direction of KCLA, tripling the company's revenue, staffing, and clinical space in the last five years. He oversees all non-clinical functions, including patient satisfaction, human resources, vendor relations, marketing, public relations, technology, compliance, legal, and finance.

KCLA is the premier ketamine clinic for Ketamine Infusion Therapy for depression, anxiety, PTSD, and other mental health conditions. Under Sam's continued leadership, the company is rapidly transforming into a comprehensive psychiatry practice now, including psychiatric medication management, transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), Spravato, and additional treatment offerings coming soon. In Sam's "spare time," he enjoys weightlifting, traveling, snowboarding, and hanging out with his dog Banksy.

Karim Dakki, Klaim AI

Karim is a French-Moroccan with 22 years of accomplishments in private equity and venture building. He has co-founded several international startups and served as a C-Level executive for various high-growth companies, including Unifonic and HAVYN Global. Losing his father and their family business at the age of 17 is what drives him to be a successful entrepreneur.

Karim holds an MBA from Darden Business School in the US and a Computer Science Master's degree from the Electronic Institute of Paris. He is passionate about technology, problem-solving, and building innovative businesses from the ground up, even in challenging countries such as Myanmar.

Karim is currently the Co-Founder and CEO of KLAIM, a UAE-based FinTech for healthcare startup founded in 2019. KLAIM is the first medical claim-funding platform for healthcare providers, and it utilizes the power of AI to ease healthcare billing and processing.

Karim was awarded "Founder of the Year" at the Middle East Start-up Awards 2021 and is a mentor for well-established VCs in the Middle East.

Sundeep Sahni, Valeo Wellbeing

Sundeep is a serial entrepreneur, having been a co-founder at Lazada, the biggest e-commerce company in South East Asia. It was acquired by Alibaba for $3.0bn. Post Lazada, Sundeep was the Head of New Initiatives at Ola Cabs. He then moved to Iran to become the COO of Snapp Taxi and later CEO of Asan Pardakth, a fintech company doing more than 100 million transactions monthly.

In 2021 Sundeep's customer first obsession led him to co-found Valeo, the online health platform that is disrupting healthcare as we know it. Valeo has reimagined what healthcare should be like and created the ideal customer experience putting the user's needs in the forefront.

The platform makes taking care of your health effortless by providing impactful health services to your doorstep. From at-home blood tests and online health consultations to designing private-label supplements based on local demands with international manufacturing standards - making it a one-stop-shop to keeping track of your health. Valeo ships its supplements all across the GCC and is now providing at-home blood test solutions in the UAE & the KSA.

Dror Chevion, Concenter BioPharma Ltd.

Dror Chevion is a successful serial Entrepreneur with 30+ years of global experience in several industries. Earlier in his career, he worked for the Israeli Ministry of Finance. He then continued to the private sector, where he has held executive positions, including VP Finance, VP of Business Development, CEO, Managing Director, and Board Member (including in 2 publicly traded companies on the Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange). Mr. Chevion holds an M.B.A. from the J. L. Kellogg School of Management (Chicago, USA) and Tel-Aviv University (Israel) and a B.A. in Economics/Business from HUJI (Israel).

Dror Chevion has set up companies in different fields and managed companies in both regulated and non-regulated fields. He has the knowledge and experience to lead companies from inception to marketing/sales and to growth and exits. His forte is creating synergies and putting together plans that can be successfully executed by multi-disciplinary teams.

During the past years, Mr. Chevion has been leading Concenter BioPharma from inception, through funding, and now in clinical trials.

David Franklin, KnowRX Health

U.S. Navy Veteran and serial entrepreneur leads KnowRX Health, a digital health marketplace solution solving for the lack of diversity in clinical trials through trusted providers while educating and empowering patients on their unique health and wellness journey. In 2018, David lost his father due to a medication-induced side effect. After experiencing this pain, David set out to help patients improve their health literacy, medication compliance, and provide better data for researchers and new drug innovations.

The Owl App is a Patient Mobile Application that helps users better understand prescription and non-prescription medications to improve adherence, increase health literacy, and the ability to share information with providers between visits to drive better communication, health outcomes, and awareness of new drug innovations.

KnowRX's digital healthcare solution, EPCARE, is a Sponsor-Provider Engagement portal that uses machine learning to enable secure information exchange that identifies trusted providers based on IRB protocol matching and patient insights to share timely notifications about new drug innovations for potential therapy.

Zen KOH, Fourier Intelligence

Zen is a visionary and pioneering influencer in the field of MedTech and Robotics for Rehabilitation. He has been involved in several successful start-ups and businesses in Singapore, Switzerland, and China for over two decades that provide medical devices, healthcare solutions, and services for people with disabilities and neurological patients. He was nominated as one of the 40 under 40 most influential industry leaders in MedTech in 2012.

Zen holds multiple leadership roles, including the incoming president and ambassador of the International Industry Society for Advanced Rehabilitation Technology (IISART), General Chair for RehabWeek 2023, co-founder and Executive Director of the Swiss-based MotusAcademy Association, Managing Editor of the Journal of Rehabilitation Methods and Technologies (JRMT), and co-founder and Global CEO of Fourier Intelligence Group. Under his leadership, Fourier has raised over USD100 million, notably in 2022, from renowned investors such as Saudi Aramco Prosperity 7 venture and Softbank Vision Fund 2.

Final Note

From revolutionary treatments and industry-disrupting technology to life-saving medical discoveries, these top inspiring healthcare entrepreneurs have demonstrated their dedication to transforming the field of medicine. As we move into 2023 and beyond, keep a close eye on their progress as these innovators continue to shape the future of healthcare in exciting new ways.