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Smart Coach Review — Are Their Programs Worth the Hype? Smart Coach's programs have carved out a niche by offering more than just coaching skills. They stand behind their programs with a surprising guarantee that distinguishes them in a market often saturated with overpromises

By Robert Rebeiro

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Smart Coach, a brainchild of the entrepreneurial duo Ross Johnson and Jessica Johnson, is swiftly emerging as a major contender in the online coaching arena. This review offers an in-depth analysis of their unique proposition in the crowded field of online coaching and course creation.

Background and Focus

Smart Coach's programs have carved out a niche by offering more than just coaching skills. They stand behind their programs with a surprising guarantee that distinguishes them in a market often saturated with overpromises - if clients don't get results, they continue to work with them for free until they do. This firm commitment to ensuring client success beyond mere training sessions sets Smart Coach apart, offering a bridge between one's passion and profitable coaching ventures.

Pros and Cons


  • Result-Oriented Approach: The standout feature is their results guarantee. If clients don't achieve the promised results, Smart Coach extends their support, free of charge, until these results are realized.
  • Comprehensive Training: Their programs encompass not just the basics of setting up a coaching business but also delve into the nuances of mindset, running your business, sales, marketing, social media, finance, and more
  • High touch support: Their programs come equipped with 1:1 coaching, weekly training workshops on sales, content, and mindset, plus unlimited daily support in their community via messenger chat.


  • Pricing: From what we can see online their programs range from around $5,000 to $10,000, which can feel expensive if you're just getting started. While it is on the higher end, most past Smart Coach clients report online that it's easily worth it.
  • High-Ticket Focus: While charging higher prices is lucrative, this focus might not resonate with every aspiring coach, especially those looking to cater to a broader, more diverse clientele through the use of lower pricing options.

Unique Selling Points

Smart Coach uniquely positions itself by transcending the traditional coaching model. They don't just teach; they partner in their clients' journey to success. This is epitomized in their bold guarantee of results, offering personal one to one accountability in an industry where such promises are rare.

Biography of Founders

Ross Johnson and Jessica Johnson, the dynamic duo behind Smart Coach, bring a blend of real-world experience and entrepreneurial spirit. Their inception story is not just about starting a business but about creating a brand that empowers others to find financial freedom through doing what they love and educating others about it. Their mission stems from a deep-rooted belief in enabling people to profit from their passions.

Net Worth

The financial success of Ross and Jessica Johnson, or Smart Coach's overall valuation, isn't explicitly detailed. However, the scaling of their business and the pricing of their programs hint at significant economic achievements.

Success Story

The rapid ascent of Smart Coach in the online coaching market is a testament to its efficacy and appeal. Its growth trajectory, marked by an expanding client base and a plethora of success stories, underscores the impact and effectiveness of their coaching methodology.

Online Reviews and Reputation

Smart Coach enjoys a robust online reputation, backed by an array of testimonials from clients across various stages of their coaching journeys. These stories not only validate their claims but also reflect a diverse range of successful coaching outcomes.

Social Media Presence

While the specific details of Smart Coach's social media footprint are not provided, their growing influence in the coaching sector suggests a significant online presence, likely leveraged to engage with and inspire a broader audience.

Benefiting from Smart Coach's Services

Smart Coach's programs are a beacon for those aspiring to monetize their coaching skills. They cater to individuals aiming to build and scale high-ticket coaching businesses, imparting skills that promise not just immediate returns but long-term professional sustenance.

Specific Program/Product Overview

Smart Coach's flagship programs pivot around high-ticket coaching and course creation, underpinned by their results guarantee. This focus is tailored for those seeking to establish a substantial presence in the coaching industry.

Program/Product Pros and Cons


  • In-Depth Training: The programs are comprehensive, covering various aspects of building and scaling a coaching business in every area such as mindset, sales, offer creation, marketing, social media, finance, and more.
  • After-Sales Support: Their result guarantee underscores a commitment to client success beyond the program duration.


  • Price Point: The cost is on the higher end, which might be prohibitive for some.
  • Niche Focus: The emphasis on high-ticket offerings may not align with all coaching business models.

Program/Product Origin and Reputation

Smart Coach was founded to bridge the gap in quality online coaching. It has rapidly built a reputation for its results-driven approach and comprehensive training modules.

Cost and Investment Details

The investment in Smart Coach's programs ranges significantly, reflective of the in-depth and result-guaranteed nature of their coaching. This investment is rationalized by the high returns potential inherent in the skills taught.

Refund Policy and Guarantees

While specific details on refund policies aren't provided, the notable aspect of Smart Coach is their result guarantee – a pledge to support clients until they achieve their predefined goals.

Overall Assessment

For those eyeing a lucrative career in the coaching and course creation industry, Smart Coach offers a compelling package. It merges skill development with a tangible results guarantee, positioning itself as a valuable investment for serious coaching professionals.

Legitimacy and Credibility

The plethora of success stories and client testimonials speak to the legitimacy of Smart Coach's brand in the online coaching space. Their website boasts 100s of video testimonials and other 3rd party review sites echo similar positive reviews. Their offerings appear to be professional and legitimate.

Other Offerings

No additional programs or services beyond their core coaching programs are mentioned.

Personal Review

Smart Coach, under the guidance of Ross Johnson and Jessica Johnson, presents an innovative approach to online coaching. Its dedication to not just teaching but ensuring client success via high-ticket coaching offers a blend of professional training and personal mentorship.


For those seeking different approaches or lower investment thresholds in coaching, alternatives could include more generalized coaching programs or those focusing on wider market segments.

Conclusion: Is Smart Coach a Game-Changer in Online Coaching?

In an industry rife with generic coaching solutions, Smart Coach emerges as a distinct and impactful player. Its commitment to delivering tangible results and equipping clients with lifelong skills sets it apart, marking it as a transformative force in the online coaching world.

This in-depth review offers a thorough insight into Smart Coach's offerings, philosophy, and impact, providing a comprehensive understanding for anyone considering their programs.

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