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The Top 4 Business and Wellbeing Coaches to Work With in 2024 Many individuals discover that working with a coach enhances their motivation and sense of accountability, particularly when pursuing the entrepreneurial path

By Robert Rebeiro

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Working with a business and wellbeing coach can offer numerous benefits. A coach can assist you in identifying and addressing deep-rooted issues that may be affecting both your business and your health. They can also help equip you with the tools and strategies needed to enhance your overall quality of life.

Many individuals discover that working with a coach enhances their motivation and sense of accountability, particularly when pursuing the entrepreneurial path.

Below are the top four business and wellbeing coaches to work with in 2024.

Christian Grancourt

Christian Grancourt, an Investor and dedicated Transformation and Wellbeing Coach with over 25 years of experience, has played a pivotal role in transforming over 3,000 lives globally and positively impacting nearly 100,000 individuals through his lead role at various personal development events. His journey into transformational coaching began in 1998 while working at a prestigious global consulting firm, where he significantly contributed to the transformation of multinational businesses through Enterprise Technology.

While navigating the demanding corporate landscape and enduring long work hours, Christian faced personal struggles, including battles with mental health, periods of depression, and a challenging 18-month period marked by the loss of family members to cancer and suicide, alongside the end of an 11-year marriage. These adversities prompted him to apply his extensive knowledge in personal development to his own life, leading him to reevaluate life and sparking his interest in becoming a transformational coach.

For over a decade, between 1998-2008, Christian worked closely with Tony Robbins where he gained valuable insight into the way Tony's transformation practices changed the lives of thousands. This experience amplified Christian's passion to help more people find their purpose and joy in life.

Drawing on his experiences living and traveling across 40 countries, including living in the USA, France, the UK, and Australia, Christian's exposure to people from all walks of life shaped his journey and contributed to the development of his 3-part transformation approach. This approach is designed to lead the people he coaches, including gender-inclusive groups, entrepreneurial communities, and corporate retreats, into a new era of joyful prosperity.

MJ Carreno

In a world where we yearn for belonging, it's easy to lose ourselves in the crowd. We conform, follow others, and neglect our true desires. But what if there was a way to break free and reconnect with your inner self?

MJ Carreno is a qualified NLP practitioner and life coach based in Sydney, Australia. Growing up, MJwas always a curious, expressive, and an unconventional child. As soon as she could, she embarked on a solo adventure and explored the world fearlessly.

MJ defied societal norms, carving her own path to self-discovery. However, her life hit rock bottom when her marriage ended in Berlin. This profound experience led her to embark on a spiritual journey, practicing yoga, meditation, and balancing her modeling career with a career in the nightlife. She was determined to pay her bills and rebuild her life, despite being a broken-hearted Latina in a foreign land.

MJ dedication to self-improvement, years of travel and volunteer work led her to her true calling, becoming a life coach and NLP practitioner. Through her personal struggles, MJ realized that true power lies in knowing who you are and building a life on your terms.

"Society pressures us to conform, but true fulfillment lies in embracing who we are and practicing self-love." Shares MJ.

Her expertise in life has allowed her to help clients discover how self-love can help enhance their overall well-being and find empowerment. MJ offers free masterclasses through her website to help anyone looking to learn more about practicing self-love.

Andrew Pearce

Andrew Pearce is a distinguished Stress and Performance Coach who empowers high-achievers to master emotional release, enabling them to reset, refocus, and maintain a high level of output without the need to interrupt their business activities.

Andrew embarked on a transformative journey in life coaching after delving into human behavioral science and completing an intensive three-year program at The Coaching Institute in Melbourne. Using a blend of behavioral science, shadow work, and Eastern philosophy, Andrew's skillful ability to convey spiritual philosophy in a pragmatic and relatable manner has enabled his clients to understand and apply his advice in their businesses and day-to-day lives.

Initially, Andrew's coaching focus was on helping individuals overcome anxiety, but he later recognized the increasing demand for ongoing stress management and performance support required by the entrepreneur industry.

"Empowering my clients to find calm amidst the chaos, find clarity, and discover their true path is the essence of my work," shares Andrew.

Andrew's expertise has resulted in numerous clients experiencing profound shifts from burnout and self-doubt to newfound confidence and success. With over nine years of coaching experience, more than 1,000 hours of 1:1 coaching, and over 50 online programs delivered, he has made a positive impact on over 1,000 clients.

Cassie Seal

Dr. Cassie Seal is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and Somatic Practitioner specializing in her unique body dialogue process. This approach combines her extensive knowledge of the human body with an intuitive genius that enables her to perceive and understand the spiritual messages the body is trying to convey through the symptoms and pain points a person experiences. By speaking directly to her patient's Inner Wisdom, she provides valuable insights into the root causes of their pain and symptoms, along with a soul prescription for healing.

Cassie's personal journey, marked by a five-year struggle with digestive health thirteen years ago, taught her a crucial lesson: illness is not solely physical. True healing involves addressing mental, emotional, and spiritual imbalances. Inspired by her own transformative journey and a commitment to aiding those lost in the trap of the current medical system, Cassie is dedicated to guiding patients toward similar transformations. This involves exploring the underlying causes of their concerns and guiding them to take intentional, harmonious actions that activate the body's inherent ability to heal.

With over two decades of experience as a bodywork and movement practitioner, Cassie recognizes that symptoms, emotions, and illnesses are messages from our Higher Self, guiding us back to ourselves.

"Listening to and integrating these messages allows symptoms, diseases, or challenges to fade away." Shares Cassie. "I understand this challenges the conventional view that symptoms are problems; however, I believe they hold the solution to connecting with everything we desire."

Cassie sees her work as integral to a broader movement challenging the current medical paradigm, aiming to revolutionize how humans approach healing. She envisions a future in which mental well-being in the business industry will witness a surge of individuals embracing entrepreneurship and harnessing the power of their own gifts. This shift is driven by people discovering and aligning with their most authentic selves and sharing those gifts with the world.

Working with a coach can assist you in developing greater self-awareness, self-acceptance, and self-compassion, which are crucial for building a healthier and more fulfilling life. Ultimately, the decision to work with a well-being coach is a personal one, specific to your individual needs and goals.

The top four coaches listed here have proven track records, offering individuals a supportive and non-judgmental space to explore their thoughts and habits, to allow them to excel in their business and their lives.