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7 Doctors To Follow In 2020 There is a range of different doctors, from dermatologists to dentists to physicians. Each has their specialty, and each is equally as important for various aspects of your health

By Jeraud Norman

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Getting into the healthcare industry is many things, including tiresome and emotionally draining, but it's also inspirational. The doctors who go through years of education and residency deserve the highest amount of respect because we all benefit from their hard work. Without their dedication and knowledge, we wouldn't have access to the solutions and medicines that make our lives easier.

Becoming a doctor is an enormous commitment to make. The majority who decide to make that commitment know by a young age that this is the career path for them, then continue to go on and dedicate years of their lives to studying and becoming well educated on their branch of medicine, followed by gruelling hours of in-person training.

There is a range of different doctors, from dermatologists to dentists to physicians. Each has their specialty, and each is equally as important for various aspects of your health. Despite their vast differences, every single healthcare practitioner can be defined by the same traits.

A successful doctor requires a strong mindset, consistency, and the unwavering determination to help others, and each of the people we've gathered for this list is a perfect example of those traits. So, let's get into the 7 Doctors to Follow in 2020.

Mark X Lowney, MD

Dr. Mark Lowney has over thirty years of experience in the medical field as double Board-Certified in cosmetic surgery and obstetrics & gynecology. He developed and currently operates Advanced Body Sculpting of New England (est. 2009), StudioEros of Fall River (2018), and a joint venture with The Lip Bunny Beauty medical spa (2019). He also developed Highland Obstetrics & Gynecology, inc., the most successful OB/GYN practice in southern Massachusetts, which he sold to a colleague in 2017. All Dr. Lowney's businesses are located in Fall River, Massachusetts.

Dr. Lowney knew he wanted to be a physician at the age of twelve. His father was a successful orthodontist with his own dental practice, and his mother was a registered nurse. Dr. Lowney graduated from the University of Connecticut School of Medicine and completed his residency in obstetrics and gynecology at the Brown University-affiliated Women and Infants Hospital of Rhode Island.

As his medical practice grew and Dr. Lowney found that he was treating patients beyond the period in their lives where they were giving birth, he became increasingly aware of issues related to women's concerns about the impact of childbirth and aging on their health, their perceptions of their overall wellness and appearance and the frequency and quality of intimacy in their lives. As these patient issues emerged more and more, Dr. Lowney's practice shifted to age-related medical issues for both men and women. With advances in the field of age management and sexual wellness, Dr. Lowney's career focus shifted to enhancing the quality of life for everyone over the long term. Patients travel from as far away as the Middle East to seek treatment from Dr. Lowney.

To connect with Dr. Lowney you can check out his Instagram page @realdrfeelgood.

Dr. Kristofer T Chaffin

Dr. Kristofer T Chaffin has experience in different medical industry sectors, having started with a passion for sports medicine after receiving his doctorate. Dr. Chaffin owns multiple practices around the United States, with most of them being focused on the health and healing of patients' joints. Dr. Chaffin began by running his practices as an owner and operator for five years before evolving and deciding to work on his business rather than in it.

Once he graduated from school with $200k worth of student loan debt, Dr. Chaffin and his wife, Julianne lived in section 8 housing, with only her income. His financial security struggles have inspired him to give back to his community as much as he can, like donating cars to those in need, including his Porsche Panamera, which he gave to a charity that provides housing to homeless women and children in the Atlanta area. Dr. Chaffin has also given a car to a homeless man he met who was working at a local car wash. He also prides himself on offering consultant services to fellow doctors, who he helps achieve better results for their patients and financial freedom in their own lives.

During the recent pandemic, Dr. Chaffin's wife convinced him to begin a new venture focused more on aesthetics rather than orthopedic conditions. Soon, ElumeStemCell ™ Skin Solutions was created. It's an at-home facial kit using technology from stem cell extracts and regenerative medicine products to offer luxury anti-ageing benefits in three easy steps. The ability to adapt and pivot in the healthcare space has been one of Dr. Chaffin's strongest abilities.

To connect with Dr. Chaffin you can check out his Instagram page @DrKristofer.

Dr. Nina Bal

Dr. Nina Bal is a wildly successful cosmetic dental surgeon who now solely focuses on facial aesthetics. In 2017, she founded and is the CEO of two facial sculpting clinics in central London, with one location in Chelsea and one in Marylebone. Dr. Bal is a member of the General Dental Council and SaveFace, the national register of accredited practitioners who provide non-surgical cosmetic treatments.

Dr. Bal was born and raised in a small town in Italy named Aosta. Her uncle was a dentist who ran a highly successful family clinic, which inspired Dr. Bal to join the medical industry someday. At the age of eighteen, she moved to Milan to study dentistry and follow her passion for facial aesthetics. She later received a highly respected diploma after completing a one-year post-graduate in cosmetic dentistry and aesthetic restorative dentistry. She even graduated at the top of her class with distinction. At the age of twenty-seven, she left her very successful family clinic to start from the bottom in London. The first job she got she was offering teeth whitenings on Groupon for a very cheap price working 8 hours in a basement with no natural light. All this while having two children until she founded in 2017 Facialsculpting clinics in Central London.

Some of the procedures Dr. Bal offers at her practices include facial and body sculpting, botox treatments, and medical-grade skincare treatments. Dr. Bal is the winner of the 2020 Global Excellence Awards for The Most Outstanding Facial Sculpting Treatments, the 2018 winner of the Aesthetic Dentistry Awards in the facial aesthetics category Full Facial Treatment, won finalist in the Dermal Fillers category in 2019, and was shortlisted as one of the Best Young Dentists in the UK by the highly prestigious Dental Awards in 2017.

Dr. Bal can be seen on season two of the UK show BodyFixers, which airs on E4 and Netflix UK, as the official cosmetic dentist, and on The Morning Show with Holly and Phil on ITV. She has also been featured in the likes of Forbes, Evening Standard, Harvard, Metro, Tatler, The Times, The Sun, Sunday Mirror, Thrive Global, AdWeek, and many more.

To connect with Dr. Bal you can check out her Instagram page: @drninafacialsculpting.

Andrew Turchin, DMD

Dr. Andrew Turchin is a Cosmetic and Reconstructive Dentist based in Aspen, Colorado. Prior to following his passion for skiing to Aspen, the first 13 years of his career were spent in Manhattan, where he trained under leading cosmetic dentists and built a word class cosmetics practice. His interest in the integration of health and beauty inspired him to develop the Anti-Aging Smile™; a system designed to slow and reverse the aging process by simultaneously supporting the lips and lower face with a broad smile, while relaxing the musculature of the face by correcting the posture of the jaw, giving a subtle Botox-like effect.

He now teaches this process to dentists from all over the country in his Cosmetic Confidence Coaching Program and as the Cosmetic Faculty for numerous organizations such as The Phelps Institute, The Dental Success Network, and Practice on Fire. His contributions to dentistry were highlighted in a chapter of the book titled "Titans of Dentistry" where the authors stated, "Dr. Turchin's temporary veneers are better than most dentists' permanents. I admire his dedication to clinical excellence."

Dr. Turchin's early 2020 full day course at the Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry was lauded as the most thorough full day course the academy has ever had. His goal at every teaching engagement is to share all his knowledge so that more patients can experience his unique process and the resulting beautiful youthful appearance.

Outside of practice and lecturing, Dr. Turchin excels at connecting people with ideas and funding. Most notably, in 2017, he helped found Xtremity, an innovative Limb Prosthetics Company, poised to revolutionize the ways prosthetics are fitted. He helped put the founding team together, was one of the initial seed investors, and then went on to raise over $5M in start-up capital.

To connect with Dr. Andrew Turchin, you can check out his Instagram pages, @andrewturchin.dmd and @antiagingsmile. Or visit his website www.AndrewTurchin.com

Dr. Nathan Jeal & Dr. Bao-Tran Nguyen

Cosmetic dentist duo and entrepreneur power couple, Dr. Nathan Jeal and Dr. Bao-Tran Nguyen are the co-founders and owners of SmileCo, a leading dental group with multiple locations. In addition to clinical practice they founded a concierge marketing agency and have developed an exclusive dental coaching program, aptly named Fast Growth Practice. Dr. Jeal and Dr. Nguyen are creators of the "$100K Day" and are sought after to provide presentations on marketing and practice growth.

Dental college classmates, Dr. Jeal and Nguyen partnered to quickly acquire their first location. Over a 24 month span they acquired four more practices and rapidly experienced the pressures of fast growth. Their advanced marketing and operating systems are a result of their experiences, which the duo uses as the fuel for new opportunities including their sixth practice, opened in 2019 which launched to great reviews.

In late 2020, the doctors are releasing a book titled "Fast Growth Practices", which shares their strategies for business growth and practice development in any economic conditions. Their expertise in marketing, business operations, culture development and effective communications is the basis of their success. Despite their packed schedules and limited availability, patients from hours away routinely seek out their care. Similarly, doctors around North America and beyond seek their advice and counsel. Drs. Jeal and Nguyen credit their own experiences with mentors and advisors for fast-tracking their development as clear thinking opinion leaders which they now share as part of their own programs.

To connect with Dr. Jeal or Dr. Nguyen you can check out their Instagram pages: @drnatejeal and @dr.baotran or view their website: https://FastGrowthPractice.com

Ari Bernstein, MD

Dr. Ari Bernstein MD is a Board Certified internal medicine physician, however he also has experience in multiple medical fields including emergency medicine, primary care, urgent care, sports medicine, pain management and nutrition including health and wellness.

Dr. Bernstein received his Doctor of Medicine (MD) from St. George's University School of Medicine, and completed his residency at New York-Presbyterian Queens. He had a love for Medicine and the healing arts, but his long term goal was as an entrepreneur. He began to fulfill this goal when he invested into a Telehealth startup Fruit Street health in 2015, and then further invested with them to assist in the development of CovidMD in response to the pandemic in 2020.

Dr Bernstein went on to also invest into a professional soccer team New Amsterdam FC which plays in the NISA league and is sponsored by Fruit Street. Investing further into professional sports teams is a long term goal he seeks to fulfill.

In May 2019, Dr. Bernstein co-authored a best selling book with Jack Canfield, titled The "Success Formula". He has also been featured as an expert in multiple top tier media outlets, including NBC, ABC, FOX, Market Watch, the Wall Street Journal and Yahoo Finance.

Dr. Bernstein studied personal development for over 15 years in addition to his psychology degree and medical degree. He went through training programs by Dr Eric Thomas, Brendon Burchard, and was mentored through Bob Proctor's 12 month Elite Coaching Program designed to take entrepreneurs to the next level. Dr. Bernstein is now working on his second book, which he believes can impact many lives. He is currently coaching and consulting with the Proctor Gallagher Institute to help others follow their dreams and live life to their full potential. To connect with Dr. Bernstein you can check out his Instagram page: @aribernsteinmd.