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On This Crypto Social Platform, Investments Work While You Are Resting X-Token is a unique platform that allows you to develop social networks, enjoy gambling and, at the same time, bring passive income

By Emma Cassel

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Despite the rapid growth of a variety of blockchain startups over the past decade, this sector remains in demand. And even the era of unsuccessful ICOs did not discourage enthusiasts from striving to prove themselves in this market, and investors did not lose their desire to find a "pearl' that would bring a good profit. Today we will consider one of the most interesting projects that the blockchain community is working on. And also tell about its features, which attract everyone's attention.

X-Token is a unique platform that allows you to develop social networks, enjoy gambling and, at the same time, bring passive income. Sounds too fantastic? Then let's see how the developers managed to combine all these in one project and make it workable.

The project is represented by two coins: X-token and M-token. The first is the main token of the project, and its value brings profit to investors and platform participants. M-token is an internal coin of the project, which is used for transactions between participants, as a reward for activity and as a fee for completing tasks.

The platform allows each participant to engage in the promotion of Instagram, YouTube, Telegram and Vkontakte. Having become a full member of the X-Token ecosystem, each investor receives a certain amount of tokens, depending on the amount of investment. Then, creating tasks with the requirements of social activity from other users, the owner of the coins puts a certain award in M-tokens and receives the growth of his social networks. Do not forget that this is a great opportunity to earn for all registered users, which they are unlikely to miss. When paying for completed tasks, M-tokens are automatically converted to X-tokens.

The project brought together experts and analysts in the field of gambling to build a unique system with high chances of earning for all players. Perhaps, for the first time in the industry, the chances of winning reach a fantastic 30 per cent, and in some games it depends on the speed of your reaction.

But the main advantage of the new platform, which makes it truly unique is X-token. The principles of this coin are to increase its value by 0.1 per cent after each transaction. After each transaction in the network, which is made by each participant. To ensure the growth of X-token, its emission is strictly limited to 10,000,000 coins, and the complexity of mining does not increase with time. In addition, do not miss the simplest price growth factor: at the moment when all the coins are sent to the owners and it will be very difficult to buy them, the cost of tokens will increase.

According to the developers of the X-token platform, the technical details of the project will be available very soon. In the meantime, we can only look forward to launch of one of the most interesting and unusual projects in recent years.