Bhavik Sarkhedi

Author of The Weak Point Dealer

Being bibliophilic in nature and engaged in personal diary writing since I was 9, the enthusiasm I have for writing can be expressed clearly when I write about the intersection of Technology,  Startup, Entrepreneurship and Juggle themBohemian by nature, Rapper by Passion, Story-Teller by Soul, and a Wanderlust, he wants to explore the intersection of philosophy and psychology. He is smartly dumb, genius moron, dynamically stubborn and occasionally an engineer. Die hard fan of TV seasons and  fictional characters- Sheldon Cooper, Chandler Bing, Charlie Harper, Daenerys Targaryen, Barney Stinson, Joey Tribianni and Tyrion Lannister.  Writes about Social Media, Entrepreneurship, Startups, Latest Tech Trends. The author of The Weak Point Dealer and 'Will You Walk A Mile?'

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