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5 Successful Entrepreneurs To Look For In 2021 Hailing from traditional backgrounds, some of these entrepreneurs started establishing their businesses from a very young age. Their resilience has contributed to their success today

By Ehsan Mohammadi

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Sigourney Belle

In the history of the business world, we encounter numerous personalities who showcase a high level of business intellect. These individuals show incredible determination and talent which help them administer their respective businesses and build businesses from the bare minimum resources they possess. Hailing from traditional backgrounds, some of these entrepreneurs started establishing their businesses from a very young age. Their resilience has contributed to their success today. Here are some of the young business owners who have followed a similar progressive path to achieve success:

Anish Singh Thakur

"Know your offering, know your customer better than anyone else and have a never ending zeal to succeed"

Anish Singh Thakur is a seasoned entrepreneur when it comes to the stock market. An avid stock market investor himself, Anish is on a mission to impact this great nation by grooming entrepreneurs like himself who are financially independent and become job-givers themselves. To achieve this mission, Anish has set up an ed-tech company by the name of Booming Bulls Academy. Booming Bulls is specialized in Stock market training. Established on principles of simplicity, practical knowledge, and experience-based learning, Booming bulls draws a fine balance with the theoretical frameworks as well. Booming bulls academy provides this knowledge using an easy-to-understand and focused course targeted for beginners as well as seasoned professionals. Booming bulls academy and Anish has a basic motive of simplifying trading so that your educational background does not become a hindrance in realizing your dreams.

Anish shares his knowledge built over years of experience about the stock market through his YouTube channel, free of cost. Whether it is awareness, strategy, or psychology, there is a plethora of engaging content on his YouTube channel. He also motivates his viewers to practice meditation to achieve higher levels of calmness and consciousness. Till date, more than 5 million people have viewed his videos and applied the knowledge gained in the live market to earn millions. And all this has happened within a year. His videos have helped the youth of this country who are willing to take a step forward in becoming financially independent and living the life of their dreams.

Abhishek Gupta

"Learn, Serve and Grow."

Abhishek Gupta is a name to reckon with when it comes to the niche circle of personal excellence coaching. A productivity expert by profession, he boasts of a work profile that entails his many successful collaborations with eminent corporates. Renowned in both national and international circles, he has successfully led thousands of people in their transformation journey. An international trainer with domain experience spanning over 15 years, he runs one of the most practical communication skills programs in India. This life coach also happens to be a certified hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner, providing empathetic counsel to his clients via psychological techniques and guided meditation.

Abhishek has been as a guest speaker at several events, including a few esteemed TV program panels. A glamorous job on the face of it, Abhishek's road to success was not without several setbacks. But he treated them as opportunities to shine through and prosper. A firm believer in the importance of exercising gratitude, Abhishek is a long-time philanthropist. Keeping with his belief to spread the knowledge he accumulates, Abhishek founded Reteachable.com. in 2006, and he made publicly accessible well-researched courses on personal excellence, life coaching, and meditation. Abhishek aims to train at least 1 million students this year and has started to offer productivity courses at Reteachable.com for free - an excellent chance for people to better themselves. The adage "Practice makes perfect" suits Abhishek Gupta to the T as he continues to inspire thousands while traversing his path to enlightenment.

Stelios Mac

"It's the norm to do certain things a certain way - Until someone finds a better way. Be that someone."

Stelios Mac is an entrepreneur and gaming enthusiast who is currently pursuing a career in perfecting the gaming industry. At the age of 13, when gaming was introduced to him, his exploration began. Being no stranger to gaming obstacles, Stelios' quest for the best Minecraft servers has pushed him to create and co-own multiple servers, including Mine Unlimited, KlgCraft, and Tales of Conquerors.

His very first creation included Minededi, a Minecraft server host, which didn't go the way it was meant to be. But this was a gateway that made him realize the severe need for a contemporary and user-friendly Minecraft server list website. He created one in 2019 calledMinecraft Buzz. During its first few months, Minecraft Buzz attracted only a handful of visitors. Today, over 100,000 users visit the website every month, and that number keeps climbing. During the past 6 months alone, site visitors have grown by 600%. Stelios's vision of perfecting the gaming flaws, by providing the gamers a whole new experience and help them find the right server has led him this far. Understanding the key need of the users by eliminating the irrelevant switches in between servers has led him to develop an organized platform for the gamer community.


"Life is all about Darkness and our Journey to the Illumination."

Parwinder Singh also known as "ProSingh" is an Indian teenage entrepreneur, author, and social media influencer. After developing a keen interest in programming and business at an early age, ProSingh decided to travel the path into creating a successful venture. Founder and CEO of InstaEasy, ProSingh has also authored a book, The Actual Growth Hack - Complete Guide for Instagram, which provides one with complete knowledge about Instagram and how. With a nonconventional vision, ProSingh started working. After engaging in various productive activities and learning different ins and outs of the business world, he earned certification in programming and launched his first app, money rewards. Even though the app wasn't a success, it provided him a path to becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Parwinder Singh hails from a typical Indian family, where searching for the wind to fly was impossible. Rising above all the disparity, he designed the future he once visioned. Today, he is a successful Indian teenager, competing in the business world. He has participated in various hackathons and won many cyber championships, setting an excellent example for the youth. In 2019 he was selected for Asia MUN III which was held in Bali. He describes these experiences as some memorable gems of his life which have helped build the entrepreneurship spirit in him.

Chang-Hun Chung

"Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going."

Chang-Hun Chung, a personal trainer and fitness athlete has stressed the need to follow holistic bodybuilding practices. Bodybuilding is a sport pursued by many health and fitness enthusiasts. It involves extreme hard work, commitment, and consistency, to achieve perfection. With an aim to help others to build a body they desire, Chang-Hun Chung established his bodybuilding brand "Physiques Unlimited" which provides personalized training and coaching services to both local and international fitness enthusiasts. Chang-Hun Chung is a South Korean-german, bodybuilder currently based in Germany. Born in Germany in 1990, his parents moved back to South Korea after 2 years of his birth. As an exchange student, he moved to Germany again. His love for fitness and bodybuilding started growing. He was drawn to the field and slowly started rising above. Winner of numerous bodybuilding championships, Chang-Hun Chung believes that bodybuilding if done in a holistic fashion helps a fitness enthusiast to remain organized, consistent, mentally strong, and physically active.

Physiques Unlimited is an allrounder physique building institution that provides great value to its customers by presenting various diet plans for desired body types along with a fitness regimen. Moreover, Chang-Hun Chung believes that it is crucial for a person to pursue bodybuilding patiently and passionately.

Ehsan Mohammadi


A renowned creative entrepreneur, Ehsan Mohammadi strives to incorporate the best branding practices in traditional industries. His innate innovation results in connecting conventional products with modern audience. Author of ‘Half a century lag of handicrafts’, he talks about modernism and economics. He is also a singer by passion.