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EDDY Pump Corporation: A Journey Of Innovation & Growth Explore EDDY Pump Corporation's journey of innovation, patented technology and strategic partnerships leading to global recognition. CEO Ben Weinrib shares insights into challenges and lessons learned

By Alex Bodra

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Ben Weinrib, CEO of EDDY Pump Corporation

In its pursuit of solving customers' challenges and providing top-notch equipment, EDDY Pump Corporation continuously invests in the latest technology. It ensures that its products are ahead of time and deliver exceptional results. "We are an engineering company specializing in dredge equipment and industrial slurry pump manufacturing. Technology is at the heart of everything we do, and we aim to help solve our customers' challenges," said Ben Weinrib, CEO of EDDY Pump Corporation.

Research and development form the backbone of EDDY Pump's innovative products. Their recent patented self-priming excavator pump and bucket exemplify this. It features all the benefits of the EDDY Pump excavator pump attachment within a traditional rugged excavator digging bucket. This design allows higher production in hard-digging environments, utilizing the excavator's and bucket teeth' true digging power. The unit incorporates an EDDY self-priming slurry pump into an excavator digging bucket and mechanical agitators for high solids pumping while using the hydraulic power of your existing excavator.

To achieve this, EDDY Pump Corporation has invested significantly in establishing a state-of-the-art research and development facility, empowering its experienced engineers to push the boundaries. A 10% to 20% of its revenue is earmarked for research and development activities. "We conduct rigorous testing, simulation, and prototyping to ensure that our equipment meets the highest performance and reliability standards. We collaborate with industry experts, partners, and customers to gather valuable insights to improve and refine our products," he highlighted.

Over the years, EDDY Pump has achieved global recognition with a strong presence in over 20 countries. Its goal is to strengthen its position in the key markets further. Approximately 50% of EDDY Pump's business comes from the USA, and the remaining 50% is overseas. In the next few years, it aims to expand internationally in areas such as India. The company will establish strategic partnerships, expand its distribution network, and provide localized support to customers in each market to achieve this. Some of the industries where EDDY Pump has a strong presence include oil and gas / drill mud pumping, mine tailings pumping, dredging and marine construction, sewage and wastewater, chemical pumping, lagoon dredging, paper and pulp pumping, agricultural and canal pumping, fly ash pumping, and sargassum (seaweed) removal.

In line with its growth aspirations, EDDY Pump Corporation believes strategic partnerships enhance capabilities and strengthen its position in the market. It has recently entered into a strategic alliance with Hawk Excavator. It specializes in heavy-duty excavator equipment. In addition to this, EDDY Pump has also partnered with EZ CONNECT Floats, a leading manufacturer of innovative float products.

So, what has been instrumental in EDDY Pump's Success? According to Ben, it is their patented technology. "With nearly 40 years of technological innovation and excellence, my father and our founder, Dr. Weinrib, dedicated years of research to perfecting a pump technology that harnessed the power of eddy currents. The versatile patented design allows it to "eddies" or rotate the fluid being pumped using an open rotor and impeller. This 'eddying' effect makes the EDDY Pump much more efficient, unlike other pumps. In other words, EDDY Pump technology harnesses the power of a tornado into fluid dynamics. This allows it to handle challenging materials and exceed industry standards," he informed.

The pump design allows longer intervals between maintenance. This translates to increased efficiency and output, uptime, lowest total lifecycle cost, easier maintenance, longer lifespan, cost-effectiveness, and higher profits.

Today, EDDY Pump has developed and patented technology beyond pumps. It has created a remote-operated and autonomous service and underwater dredging equipment used by the US Military. Similarly, it has also introduced its patented self-priming excavator pump and bucket, our slurry pumps, dredge equipment - excavator dredge pump attachment, autonomous dredge, cable-mounted dredge pump, and accessories- VFD, HDPE Pipe, Slurry Hose, HPU.

While building a solid presence, EDDY Pump faced its share of challenges. "One of the key challenges was adopting new technology by industries that were traditionally resistant to change. We convinced customers to embrace new pump solutions through EDDY Pump's effective education and awareness-building initiatives. We invested in comprehensive customer support programs, technical training, centralized CRM, promoting our products through digital marketing and other tools, and employee training. Through these, we demonstrated the performance and benefits," stated Ben.

Ben believes establishing brand recognition and building trust in its products is critical in a highly competitive market. EDDY Pump focused on strategic marketing efforts to showcase its solutions' reliability and efficiency.

With a wealth of experience in the industry, Ben has also gleaned valuable life lessons from his journey. "Throughout my journey, I have gained valuable life lessons that have shaped my perspective. It is a given that life is full of ups and downs. However, how we deal with it is the key. Being resilient and staying positive in the face of challenges is important. While it may be difficult, learn to look at challenges as opportunities for growth and learning. The industry is constantly evolving, and adaptability is key to success. I have learned to embrace change, new ideas, and approaches. Adapting to new technologies, market trends, and customer demands has been essential in staying relevant and thriving," he concluded.