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How PerSapien Innovations is Providing Personal Level AQI With the Help of a Wearable Device In the light of increasing air pollution, PerSapien Innovations has come up with a nasal air purification wearable 'Airlens' and an app 'Airlens data' to provide personal-level AQI

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What Was Your Idea Behind Starting This Company?

Me and my team members were associated with Biodesign program at Stanford University, when the rising level of air pollution brought us back to AIIMS to contribute our bit to solve the problem. According to statistics, air pollutants were killing more people than HIV, malaria and TB combined. This is when the idea of making a smart device struck us. We finally started PerSapien Innovations in 2017.

How did the Idea Take Off?

We thought we will develop a smart product that would help in pollution free breathing. After undertaking a market research, we realized that the pollution masks which are available in the market covers ¾ of our face and also cumbersome to wear. The idea of nasal device popped up within our team. But the difficulty was materials available were not suitable to make nasal air purification device because of high air flow resistance. After two years of research, we came up with "Active Molecular' technology that can filter out PM2.5, PM10 and gases. We have also developed an app, Airlens Data, using advanced data sciences to provide personal level air quality information. We have filed patent for our technologies. We are making more nasal devices to suit different populations, including patients.

What Differentiates Your Product in the Market?

"Airlens' is very easy and comfortable to use. The USP about the product is that it purifies air at a very minimal breathing resistance. Unlike masks, with "Airlens', users don't feel suffocated. It is barely visible and doesn't interfere with any day-to-day activities like eating, talking. The device has already touched more than 10,000 lives in Delhi. We are selling it online on Amazon and on our website.

Can You Brief Us About the Data Technology You're Using to Provide AQI Through Your App?

We have extensively worked on air quality data system. Now, we have the capability to provide location specific (hyperlocal) air quality data in real time by combining satellite, traffic, weather, sensor data through advanced atmospheric models. Users can know what type of air he/she is breathing.

Going Ahead, Where Do You See Yourself?

Since there are a very few alternatives when it comes to air purification solutions, we would move forward with making more innovative products in this particular space. We are developing advanced data analytics technology to provide meaningful interpretation of air quality data to Government and corporates.

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