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This University Is Creating New Age Entrepreneurs with Their Unique Course Selections Realizing that the opportunities for entrepreneur-focused education are very limited, this university is helping its students through its entrepreneur-focused MBA program

By Entrepreneur India Staff

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Being a successful entrepreneur is no easy task. Entrepreneurship is full of challenges; however, the right mentorship can set you on the right path of your entrepreneurial journey. Mentorship can be in the form of giving accurate advice to aspiring businesspersons, based on previous real business experiences, or through just being a confidante as one faces day-to-day anxieties during the journey. Considering the need for such guidance, many universities have taken various initiatives that could help fostering an entrepreneurial spirit in their student's daily lives and create an enabling environment for the curious minds.

Unique Courses to Study:

Students are looking for colleges with a variety of courses to explore interesting, new-age career options. As a result, many universities are continuously introducing a plethora of choices, making sure that the degrees help students land a job in their dream industry.

Founded in 1988, University of Technology Sydney (UTS) offers over 130 undergraduate and 210 postgraduate courses across traditional and emerging disciplines such as architecture, built environment, business, communication, design, education, engineering, information technology, international studies, law, midwifery, nursing, pharmacy, and science. With the rising demand for exciting courses, university managements are leaving no stone unturned to introduce industry-based courses that offer unique specialisations.

UTS, Australia's No. 1 Ranked Young University, has also incorporated some unique courses – such as Bachelor of Creative Intelligence and Innovation degree, and Bachelor of Technology and Innovation.

Foundation for Learning:

UTS provides a learning foundation that is practice oriented, globally focused and research-inspired. The faculty fosters graduates who can contribute to the future of their professions and a global society. The learning environment and strategies of the university provide a framework so that graduates develop the capabilities to future-proof their careers.

Starting a Venture Right Out of College:

Globalization has been a key driver of unprecedented global economic growth and, as a result, aspirations of students are also getting bigger and more exciting! Sam McDonnell, Co-Founder of Construction Cloud, while pursuing his Bachelor of Design degree at UTS, also dreamt big and managed to follow through! He adjusted his focus from studying to becoming an entrepreneur. The UTS alumnus feels that the university is the perfect place to meet like-minded people and start a venture. He also added that at UTS, students don't need to wait until they graduate to realize their potential and follow their dream. Sam's key to entrepreneurial success was that he pushed himself to get out of his comfort zone.

UTS Alumni Sam, Co-Founder of Construction Cloud

UTS helped Sam in establishing his company Construction Cloud - a collaboration platform for project managers in the construction industry, enabling teams to interact and track projects anywhere, by providing the foundation they needed. With the help of mentors engaged by UTS, Sam and his team developed a new and more personalised business model, raised half a million dollars, and doubled their revenue!

Teaching Aspiring Entrepreneurs

According to a study conducted by an American university, 63 percent students wanted to learn about entrepreneurship in college, including how to start a business!

Realizing that the opportunities for entrepreneur-focused education are very limited, UTS is helping its students through its entrepreneur-focused MBA program. The university offers an MBA program which focuses on what you need to learn, and the tools you would require as someone starting their own venture.

The MBA candidates are connected with a curated network of incubators and accelerators.

Another course, Diploma in Innovation, is created as a direct response to industry demand for graduates to work at the intersection of creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship. Through this course, one can gain skills, perspectives, and strategies to address the open, complex and networked problems, challenges and opportunities in today's world. In particular, students develop high-level conceptual thinking and problem-solving practices that lead to the development of innovative, creative and entrepreneurial outcomes.

Notable Alumni:

UTS graduates have had great success across a variety of professions, including law, media, business and creative arts. Many are influential leaders in their fields.

The list of some of UTS's famous alumni includes:

  • Hoang Dao Xuan, Founder of the world's most downloaded learn-to-read-app in the App Store and Google Play.
  • Yiying Lu, an award-winning designer and creative director who created the famous "Twitter Fail Whale" and was named a "Top 10 Emerging Leader in innovation" by The Weekend Australian Magazine. She has also worked with top brands like Microsoft, Disney and Maybelline.
  • Dr Damith Herath a world renowned Roboticist and Founder of Robological. Damith has been featured across some of the world's leading technology publications and is now a Professor at the University of Canberra.
  • Deepa Gupta is a social entrepreneur and Founder of Jhatkaa.org. She has been the driving force behind some of India's most successful social campaigns. Deepa also launched the Indian Youth Climate Network and also helped launch Greenpeace's mobile advocacy platform.

And there are many more.

Find out how UTS is transforming their students' ideas into successful entrepreneurial ventures: https://mystory.uts.edu.au/

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