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Dress For Success This Summer With These 5 Linen Wear Style Tips Here are five ways in which you can literally beat the heat with the finest linen fabrics from Linen Club

By Entrepreneur India Staff

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It may pay off to follow the norm and do what you see your herd or tribe doing, (Long story short, in Rome, do what the Romans do), but, nothing pays off more handsomely than just being yourself and making your own rules! And to be fair, standing out of the crowd can be really, REALLY fun!

So, in order to literally be able to do so in this scorching summer heat (Without breaking a sweat, that too!), here are five ways in which you can literally beat the heat with the finest linen fabrics from Linen Club which will signify you're #MadeForTheDifferent!

1. The cool yet HOT party wear: Want to be the star of the party without trying too hard? Try out this "I work hard but I party harder" look from the latest collection from The Linen Club, which comprises of a simple yet extremely elegant flower-printed torso wear that will go well with quintessential blue trousers, which create that perfect eye-catching contrast. Having that kind of print on a shirt could very well guarantee that it's wearer will be attractive sight for almost any woman for various reasons, as it's a fairly rare choice for party wear, so, you'll successfully manage to be different by making your own rules!

2. The "I do business with ease" look – Want to look like a suave business magnate for an important meeting but are you afraid of wearing that hot blazer out in the merciless sun and equally afraid of misplacing it should you take it off? The Linen Club has the perfect kind of blazers for you! Their range of blazers have the potential of becoming the instant topic of discussion in the board room and can spare you the wrath of the sun gods once you're out in the open, for your formal wear must be just like you; easy, breezy and more than capable of beating the odds, especially when they are stacked against you.

3. The "I am one with nature" look: Humans are designed to live amongst the wild and be one with nature, so why confine your dapper and at ease avatar to only bars and boardrooms? The whole point of linen clothing is be able to harvest the attention of others during every season of the year, especially summer! While the sun above your head is bright, why not compete with it as you don a comfy nature-inspired linen shirt that shines too bright to be ignored. While you will be out being your candid self out in the open, onlookers are bound to be astonished at how you are not watering from all hems. Just like this man:

4. "Wear traditional like it's your tradition" look: It's no new piece of knowledge that maintaining a traditional attire can be a taxing task, given than more often than not, they can be heavier (in terms of the overall weight and material) than your average casual wear. Both such attributes have their clear downsides. So, why follow that norm over and over again if you can slip into a traditional ensemble by The Linen Club and not feel the burden of keeping up with other guests? So light, meticulously handcrafted and vibrant is the traditional range at the Linen club that you may not mind a pair of a breezy kurta-pyjamas with an equally breezy Nehru jacket to be a wardrobe staple.

5. The Bride Stealer look: It's a jovial occasion for one and all as a wedding reception is under way. Potentially hundreds of people are present to wish the newly-wed couple for a happy and blissful marriage life. But then, you make an entry in your cool and suave candour while you have a regal-looking linen sherwani on. Within no time, you become the centre of attention. Be sure that although it may not be entirely evident, but if the bride ends up laying her sight on you, there are chances that she may get a little weak in the knees. All of this is quite possible if you carry yourself like this man here:

These styling tips show you how, with a little bit of thought, you can go about your daily chores with an extra level of comfort while never having to worry about as much as a single crease or spots of water in the nook and corners of what you wear. With linen, you can be free, yourself and different. That's why, The Linen Club have released their latest edition of summer linen wear that is #MadeForTheDifferent. Check out the looks above and many, many such others at a The Linen Club store around you!

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