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10 Tech Entrepreneurs to Follow in 2022 Read on to learn how these visionaries will pique your curiosity and how their solutions can assist with the day-to-day

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Technology is constantly evolving, making it tough to stay on top of helpful developments. So to save you time, we combed through a long list of technology disruptors to find 10 extraordinarily sharp and creative entrepreneurs bringing needed change to various industries. These entrepreneurs are altering the ways information is gathered, assessed and experienced — to provide affordable ways to create apps for your business to changing the ways people hire, communicate, authenticate and more. Read on to learn how these visionaries will pique your curiosity and how their solutions can assist with the day-to-day.

Julian Colina

After leading software developer teams, Julian Colina saw inefficiencies that could be easily solved by measuring developer GitHub repositories and co-founded Haystack. Haystack tracks Git metrics to learn how teams work and find development process bottlenecks for improvement suggestions. Haystack uses metrics that improve collective performance and promote healthy teams without micromanagement or burnout. On average, Haystack users have experienced 70% faster Cycle Times with 58% more production deployments. Haystack is configured for businesses of all sizes and used by Microsoft, GoDaddy, and Indiegogo. Companies see the value of Haystack's innovations in developer management, leading to 35% month-over-month revenue growth.

Lisa Hagerty

Lisa Hagerty saw the need for innovation in the training and education space and founded Custom Learning Technologies. While working in the training industry, Lisa found businesses were losing employee and student interest in important training content due to its age. Custom Learning Tech turns worn-out courseware into high-quality, entertaining modules everyone loves. Lisa and her team create eLearning, microlearning, "How-To" videos, and VR modules to fit consumer needs. Custom Learning Technologies is dedicated to creating exceptional products. "If you don't build your dreams, someone will hire you to help build theirs." – Lisa Hagerty, MWBE, NWBOC, and Founder.

Anders Meinert Jorgensen

Avallone is the leading Know-Your-Customer (KYC) platform used by large enterprises for replying to KYC requests coming from banks and other 3rd parties. The technology uses intelligent abstraction layering to improve KYC reply quality and reduce time spent answering requests. In addition, Avallone allows firms to have a full overview of their legal entity structure, including Ultimate Beneficial Owners. "We understand what the banks want in their KYC requests, and the pain points these data heavy requests pose for companies. We have built a full-scale platform to help companies based on this understanding." – Anders Meinert Jorgensen, CEO & Co-Founder (LinkedIn)

Neil Shah

ThinkNimble is a product studio building custom technology for startups and socially focused businesses, while coaching nontechnical founders into becoming confident tech CEOs. "Coding is the easy part of writing software. The hard part is understanding the human problem we're trying to solve. To be good developers, we think like your business partner," said Neil Shah, CEO and co-founder. "We're building the agency we wish we had when we built our startup." Book a call.

Marc Daniels

After founding many successful companies, Marc Daniels saw the need to make strategic planning easier for owners and CEOs of SMEs worldwide. He co-founded ResultsBI to help teams and leaders stay focused on big ideas while executing related strategic projects. He envisioned and developed a way to turn static business plans into navigable living documents. The system allows businesses to quickly assemble a Strategic Business Plan and execute it without hiring a coach or consultant. ResultsBI also offers a Free 30 Day Trial and live training. "Planning is critical to success, but the Execution is worth Millions." – Marc Daniels, Co-Founder

Brandon Gutierrez

"After beginning my career in Telecommunications in 2008, I've always paid close attention to business communication trends. My ultimate goal was to create an embeddable + white-labeled ready chat infrastructure for ISPs and MNOs. We repurposed our flagship product, "In-App Chat, " to address a massive problem with Conversational AI—the lack of connectivity paths," said Brandon Gutierrez, co-founder of RipBull Networks. In-App Chat supports the growing vertical of conversational AI by bridging natural language understanding with machine to machine learning by leveraging In-App Chat as middleware. "We are also working on assorted projects supporting Web 3.0 and MeataVerse collaboration."

Lane Mendelsohn

Lane Mendelsohn is president of Vantagepoint A.I., first company in the world to empower independent traders with predictive A.I. forecasts for all asset classes. VantagePoint traders minimize risks and protect their capital with forecasts of up to 87.4% accuracy. Their patented Global Intermarket Analysis stack-ranks the top 33 markets affecting a market, revealing hidden influences on price action. The company offers a complimentary live training seat for traders interested in understanding more about their patented, highly-accurate, easy-to-use, predictive artificial intelligence. Lane inspires his top-ranked team with "Work hard, be kind, and amazing things will happen" from Conan O'Brien.

Anuj Bhalla

serviceMob helps companies convert their customer service data into powerful analytics. They turn the fragmented "Frankenstack" of service data into an integrated, analytic view of the service experience. serviceMob models data into the right data ontology, saving companies money through operational insight and visualizations. serviceMob's expertise in customer service is built into their product with the customer and operator experience in mind. "Customer Service Organizations only move as fast as they can make decisions. But good decisions require great insight across the service journey, enabling service organizations to efficiently meet their customer's needs," said Anuj Bhalla, founder of serviceMob.

Kurt Jackson

Kurt Jackson's love for journalism and news publication brought him to work at and eventually purchase Software Consultation Services, LLC (SCS). SCS has successfully transitioned to a subscription licensing model allowing it to grow and provide publishers with the tools to function in the print and digital world. They focus on innovations and workplace automation like their new automated pagination tool called ANP to increase publisher margins and support well-researched journalism. "Rebuilding a legacy software company requires abandoning existing processes and acting like a start-up. You must reimagine what your company looks like and include staff and customers in that vision," said Kurt Jackson, Owner.

Mark Piller

Mark Piller bootstrapped Backendless to help businesses and individuals create the apps they want without writing a single line of code. He grew Backendless organically, with no outside funding, and is now serving millions of end-users worldwide. The software allows people to increase their productivity and scale up at a low cost by allowing users to create sophisticated custom applications and offering unmatched customer service and consulting. "If the backend cannot handle the API traffic generated by your user base, the value of the beautiful UI you created goes down to absolute zero," said Mark Piller, founder.