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Is the Government Pushing More VCs to Set Up Funds in India's GIFT City?

The Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) announced a list of 21 source countries that will not be subject to the angel tax provisions on Wednesday. The list did not include nations like Singapore and Mauritius, which have established themselves as preferred jurisdictions for investments in India.

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DPIIT Brings Startup Taxation Issue to FinMin

Post the amendments proposed in the Finance Bill, concerns have been raised over the calculation method of fair market value (FMV) under two distinct laws.


The Angel Tax New Guidelines Should Provide a Clear and Fair Rebate Mechanism: Investors

There is still a need for further reforms to create a more supportive environment for startups and angel investors in India, even though the new exemption guidelines have given startups and angel investors some relief by allowing the startups to claim exemption if their total investment does not exceed Rs 25 crore

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Can Flipflop Tax Policies Create Market Uncertainties For Startups?

One of the main challenges faced by the entrepreneurs in India is the uncertainty of the tax regime, says Sanjay Kumar, MD & CEO Elior India

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Has the End of the Angel Tax Era Finally Come?

In order to provide hassle-free tax environment to the Start-ups, Central Board for Direct Taxes has issued a consolidated circular

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#RoadforStartups: CBDT Announces Assessment Plans to Balance the Tightening of Noose around Start-ups

CBDT All Set to Tighten the Noose around Start-ups Based on a Three-Category Assessment Plan


Budget 2019 Should Have Ticked More Boxes

Nirmala Sitharaman's promise to build the next generation technological pool, assuring investment in AI, Blockchain and 5G skilled manpower is a welcome move

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How Budget 2019 Will be a Game Changer for Indian Startups

This is how the budget has brought a lot for the startups and in the coming years more additions, as well as editions, can be seen to improve the ecosystem

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#Budget2019: Indian Start-ups Can Rejoice as Gov Announces Relief from Angel Tax & Income Tax Scrutiny

The Finance Minister, in the Budget 2019 has talked about start-ups at length and has rolled out some elaborate plans for the ecosystem

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#Budget2019: What Makes Angel Tax Every Start-upreneur's Nightmare & Why The Indian Start-up Ecosystem is Rooting for its Complete Abolition

The tax which was introduced in 2012 budget is now seeing a slow death with absolutely no takers

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Is Revised Angel Tax Streamlining the Process or Hampering it?

India is presently considered the third largest hub for having a large number of startups. Thus, tax liability massively impacts the entire startup ecosystem


Is Angel Tax Relief a Boon for the Indian Startup Ecosystem?

Suresh Prabhu, the Minister for Commerce and Industry, recently announced this relaxation broadening the definition of a startup by extending the tenure of existence from 7 to 10 years

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Top Fintech Trends Revamping Financial Technology

These practices and innovations have the power to fuel economic growth, promote financial inclusiveness and propel India to greater heights

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A Big Day for Startups: Government Simplifies Exemptions for Angel Tax

The definition of Startups has been revised and the process of exemptions under Section 56 (2) (viib) of Income Tax Act is simplified, says Suresh Prabhu