Food startups

News and Trends

India's burgeoning 'ready-to-eat' segment stands out

While Nestle has entered the space, domestic foods companies are also expanding footprint

Growth Strategies

In the Battle of Super Foods' Business Dominance, this Startup is Bringing back India's Old Forgotten Basics

With a mission to innovate and offer deliciously healthy food options, Soulfull started in 2011 under its parent company name Kottaram Agro Foods


Healthy Food Startups that are Serving the Health Conscious India

These four startups are working in the food business and trying to keep their deliverables as healthy as possible

Starting a Business

Powerful Financial Tips for Start-Ups in Food Industry

The market being huge new players are entering it to make most of the trend.

Growth Strategies

Challenges Faced By Food Tech Startups

While running a food tech startup, it is very important to tackle some of the major challenges that can directly or indirectly affect the whole business mechanism.