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What's Next For Insurtechs in 2021?

The regulator will have a major role in balancing the key factors that define insurance-risk, data privacy, and insurability


Top Technology Skills To Learn For a Successful Career In 2021

Though India has tapped into the first wave of IT demand effectively but the rapid pace of technology change means that the industry will have to continuously work towards reskilling its workforces to counter the skill gap


How To Set Your Team's Resolutions In the New Year

The goals can be work-based too, and this is where managers and business leaders must play a critical role in enabling and supporting each worker's career resolutions


Would Fintech Proliferate Under the Shade Of the Pandemic In 2021?

The digitization of the financial services sector will intensify in 2021, and consumers will benefit from quicker, more robust offerings

News and Trends

2020: A Turning Point For the Digital Lending Industry

Digital lending picked up pace during the global pandemic as many people were devoid of their livelihood, especially the self-employed personnel, creating a need to have easy access to credit

News and Trends

Trends In Indian Consumer Lending in 2021

The COVID-19 induced economic shock rippled through lenders' balance sheets as borrowers suffered from strained finances

Growth Strategies

Evolution Of Working Capital In the Supply Chain Enterprise

A VUCA is what one needs to be thinking of for 2021 and onwards, unless we see some sort of normalcy across trade and supply chain lines


2021: Challenges And Opportunities For Home Maintenance Service Industry

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, hygiene and efficiency of handymen has become a core concern


5 Key Security Considerations For Securing the Remote Workforce

This poses an unprecedented challenge to security technologists/CISO's of the organizations to protect the employee's, and the enterprise's digital assets

Growth Strategies

Entrepreneurial Lessons To Learn From 2020 For Having a Better 2021

Businesses should capitalize on the opportunity this year has provided, to evaluate how they fared in terms of risk management and achievement of business objectives


Trends That Will Redefine Pharma Marketing In 2021, and Ahead

The pharma sector suffered a crippling blow as the pandemic made its way to the world unannounced, forcing sales representatives off the road and blocking them indoors


12 Cybersecurity Predictions For 2021 Every Organization Must Consider

Cybersecurity is set to change rapidly, with immense growth in spending across all sectors. The following twelve cybersecurity predictions for 2021 show the rising challenges and opportunities for the near future


Indian Home Healthcare Industry Outlook 2021: The Road Ahead

There are ample reasons to believe that virtual monitoring and on-demand home healthcare services will become an integral and essential part of healthcare ecosystems


My Lessons From 2020: How Entrepreneurs Can Prepare For Chaos

Agile and adoptive founders are drawing upon lessons learning from this tumultuous pandemic and seeking to finish the year stronger


2021: A Definitive Year For Insurtech In the New Normal

With the world relegated to working from home and global lockdowns necessitating digital services, insurtech has evolved as a sector unlocking tremendous value and potential in the insurance ecosystem