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Budget 2024 Expectations: What the Web3 and Crypto Ecosystem Wants

Ahead of the upcoming Union Budget 2024, Web3 startups want the government to revisit the TDS, provide regulation and legal clarity, and a fertile zone to nurture

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Union Budget 2023 For Tourism: Boon or Bane?

The Budget highlighted tourism as one of the major sectors contributing to the overall economy of the country. However, moves such as hike in ATF price and increase in TCS mandate on overseas tour packages worry stakeholders

News and Trends

7 Ways Union Budget Targets General Elections 2024

On the face of it, Union Budget for FY24 seems to focus on sectors and areas which will have overarching benefits. But is that so?


Expectations Of a Young Entrepreneur From Union Budget 2020

While it is expected that the Budget's focus is going to be on measures that can revive the struggling economy, a focus on more investment in information technology is required

Growth Strategies

Union Budget 19-20: Unleashing The Indian Entrepreneurial Spirit

It will be great if we have a blueprint like Israel – be it starting 1000 new companies with adequate funding, scaling to a crore-rupee of revenue and aspirations to build a profitable business by 2024


Budget 2019 Should Have Ticked More Boxes

Nirmala Sitharaman's promise to build the next generation technological pool, assuring investment in AI, Blockchain and 5G skilled manpower is a welcome move


Digital Payments in India: Challenges and Opportunities

For around 1 billion credit and debit cards, there is merely 37.22 lakh Point of Sale (POS) terminals in the country


Key Changes That You Must Keep in Mind for Making a Better Financial Plan for 2019-20

It is important to note that if the taxable income exceeds INR 5 lakh, after claiming all the tax-saving deductions, then one has to pay income tax as per the existing rates