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How Futurelife Diversified Without Losing Focus

Futurelife started out as a company with a mission: To create a great-tasting, nutritional, functional food that would improve the health and wellbeing of consumers. Fast forward a decade, or so, and Futurelife is a large and successful organisation with a massive reach and a range of products. The secret to the company's success? According to founder Paul Saad, it's all about staying true to your original mission.

Starting a Business

How to Embody Google's Free Marketplace of Ideas

How do you ensure that your company keeps innovating and pushing boundaries? Organisations like Google believe in a free marketplace of ideas where the most innovative projects flourish through a kind of natural selection.


How AfriTorch Digital Has Gone From Startup To Overnight Success

By any standard, local start-up AfriTorch Digital has seen phenomenal growth and traction. But, while the company's success might seem quick and effortless, there is a lot of hard work behind it.


How to Grow Rapidly Without Diluting Company Culture

Rapid growth and expansion can lead to a dilution of the foundational principles that defined your company in its early days. Jason English of Prommac discusses how you can retain your company's culture and vision while growing quickly.


How To Sell a Complex Product in a Tough Market

10dot is a young company competing in the technical and competitive field of Internet security. Founders Jared van Ast and Donovan Strapp discuss the secrets to selling a complex product in a tough market.


Why Your Startup Should Stop Hiring People - Right Now

Employing a whole bunch of people means you have a 'real' company, right? Wrong. The best thing you can do for your young company is to hire slowly… very slowly.